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how to let him know you like him

how to let him know you like him

People think that you and a guy in your social group are already an item because you are often seen together. You are simply good friends, but you want more from the relationship. You are suspecting that he has the same feelings but you do not want to assume. How to let him know you like him so that he can finally make his move without feeling embarrassed? Try these tips:

  1. Allow yourself to get close to him physically, but you don’t have to be all over him. Do it gracefully so that he won’t have any choice but to reach out to you. Always let him do the touching first – you are just there to entice him. Once he touches your hands, don’t let go immediately. Instead, hold it tight and look into his eyes and smile.

  2. Be responsive when he sends you messages by phone or by email. Always sign with love or any words of endearment.

  3. Value him by taking care of yourself. He will be under peer pressure when you look good together and he is not making any moves.

    your friends do the pushing.

  4. Make him proud of himself by highlighting his good traits. You can do this by appreciating his body for example. Have a hand in developing the other side of him that needs to be improved. In short, get involved with his life.

  5. Be affectionate. Be there when you’re needed but recognize when he wants to break free. Do not suffocate him. Make him miss you at times by having your own activities without him.

  6. Have a heart to heart talk. Make it easy for him by asking leading questions like – “how do you feel when other people think of us as lovers?” If the answer is positive, the conversation may lead to a relationship

  7. Save him a share of whatever you prepare for your family members. Just don't get too generous with your favors because he might get into the relationship for material reasons.

  8. Know his friends and family. Once you know them well, they may ask you directly if you like him, then answer with all honesty. This will surely reach him.

  9. Suggest an exclusive activity for the two of you. Let him know that you have to sacrifice other responsibilities to accommodate your plan. If he misses out on this plan and promises to make up for it, do not be too willing. Reschedule when time allows at a farther date.

  10. By now, you already have mutual friends. Organize a group activity with these people and observe how he is with others. If he treats you like you are the most special girl in the group, then you have a chance. If he is nice to everybody, it’s probably his nature that must not be misinterpreted.

If you’ve tried all the tricks on how to let him know you like him but he remains clueless, you may want to consider keeping him simply as a friend.


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