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How to Lift Your Breasts Without Surgery

How to Lift Your Breasts Without Surgery

In our image-conscious society, many women desire round and perky breasts or feel pressured to have them. Those who have the money can risk painful breast surgery, but there are alternative answers to the question of how to lift your breasts without surgery.

  1. Take supplements or consume a diet rich in phytoestrogens. Estrogen, together with other hormones, is responsible for breast development, which starts in puberty. An imbalance can lead to poor development and atrophy of the breast tissues. Phytoestrogens are chemical compounds in plants that possess moderate estrogen properties and promote the development of glandular breast tissue. It can tone and add breast fullness. Pueraria mirifica is a good source of phytoestrogens. It is available in capsule form or as a cream for direct application. Another beneficial herb is dandelion root, which is said to help in the formation of new breast cells and firmness. Additionally, watercress contains vitamin E, folic acid and lucien, which help in breast enlargement.

    Other potentially helpful plants and supplements are fenugreek, saw palmetto berry oil, fennel seed, Mexican wild yam and hops flower root. These have mild estrogenic effects that help lift and firm the breast tissue. Finally, two other useful herbs are red clover, which is loaded with isoflavones, and quai root, which stimulates natural progesterone production. Taking these supplements and eating foods containing any of these compounds can help firm and lift saggy breasts.

  2.  Perform exercises to lift your breasts. The group of muscles under your breasts is called the pectorals. Toned pectoral muscles make your breasts fuller and firmer. Here’s one exercise you can do: Lie on a mat with a weight on each hand. Extend your arms to shoulder level. Then, lift both arms straight up above your chest with your elbows lightly bent and let the weights meet over your chest. Return to your starting position and repeat 13 to 15 times. You can also do this other exercise from the same position: Raise the weights over your chest and hold them there. Slowly lower them toward your chest as you bend your elbows out to the sides. Go back to the starting position and repeat 13 to 15 times. Exercise regularly, and in a few weeks’ time, your breasts will appear well toned and lifted.

  3.  Massage your breasts daily. Massage is a great way to lift your breasts and make them appear fuller. It stimulates blood circulation in the breast tissues and increases the flow of phytoestrogens. In addition, massage triggers the production of prolactin, a hormone that contributes to the enlargement of the mammary glands. To do this, rub your hands together to warm them. Place them on your breasts and start massaging. Allow your left hand to massage your left breast inward in small circular motions for about two seconds, and do the same with your right side. Do about 100 to 300 massages twice daily, one in the morning and before sleeping at night. It may seem like a lot, but it will only take around 10 to 15 minutes each time. You can even use a massage oil made with nine drops of geranium oil, 16 drops of ylang ylang in a base of 50 ml almond oil. Expect to get results in 30 days.

  4. Wear a well-fitted but comfortable bra. Aside from wearing a comfy bra during the daytime, you can also wear one even while you sleep to prevent your breasts from sagging. Wearing one with sufficient padding ensures ample support for your breasts. Moreover, put on your bra properly by bending forward, placing the cups of your bra onto your breast and hooking it in the back. Make sure it is not too tight, which may cut off circulation, or too loose, which may result in inadequate support.

These four ways on how to lift your breasts without surgery promote tissue elasticity and prevent your breasts from sagging to give them that well-toned and firm appearance.


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