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How to Lighten Eye Color Naturally

How to Lighten Eye Color Naturally

Light eye colors like hazel, blue, green, and amber signify beauty, especially in Western culture. Do you know that you can learn how to lighten eye color naturally? Wearing contact lenses of the desired shade is an option, of course. But many people don’t know about simple ways to achieve subtle changes in eye color. Some of them are described below:

  1. Change your wardrobe to light shades of whatever colors you desire. You should maintain a varied wardrobe with clothes of different colors. The color of the clothes you wear is usually reflected in your eyes. This works for all eye colors except dark brown. If you have hazel eyes, wear dresses in shades of gold, yellow, or light green. Dark green-eyed people should wear outfits in light yellow or dark green, whereas blue-eyed individuals should wear dark blue clothes for reflection. On the other hand, chocolates, oranges, and darker shades of blue are ideal for contrast.

  2. Avoid eating food that is rich in tryptophan (like turkey).

    This converts into serotonin, which dilates the pupil. This, in turn, causes the colored irises to constrict, making your eye color look darker. Other food items that increase serotonin are bananas, eggs, wheat, beef, chocolates and seafood. This strategy does not come without a price, though. The decrease in bodily serotonin levels can cause you to suffer from fatigue, the inability to stay focused, mood swings, and the lack of drive. Weigh your preferences and decide whether you want lighter eye color along with those side effects.

  3. Facing the light during conversations naturally constricts your pupils and lightens your irises. Lighter colors like hazel, green or blue can easily be reflected, making your eyes look lighter and brighter. You can also experiment with different sources of light, for instance, brown eyes look green when seen in the sunlight.

  4. Try different types of eye makeup. Light brown eyes appear much lighter with dark eye shadow. Should you have yellow, blue and green pigments in your eyes, you can accentuate them with colored eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara.

  5. Consider changing the colors in your home to shades that make your eyes look lighter. Different colors around you can heighten the visibility of different color pigments in your eyes, causing them to look lighter.

  6. Eye tattooing is also another option for making eyes look lighter, but it is not recommended because it’s still in the experimental stages.

  7. Don’t do anything - just wait until you get older. One good thing about getting older is that your eyes get lighter and more beautiful. It is a proven fact that the color of your eyes turns lighter as you grow older. You might have whiter hair and a wrinkled face by then, but for sure, you’ll get the lighter eye color that you’ve been dreaming of.

Knowing how to lighten eye color naturally is ideal for those who want to vary their appearance. There’s no harm in trying most of the techniques given above. Some of the changes they provoke may not be drastic, but they are definitely noticeable. The good thing is that none of them involves expensive surgical enhancements.


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