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How to Litter Box Train a Cat

How to Litter Box Train a Cat

Unlike other animals, cats have it in their nature to dig a hole in the soft ground where they can eliminate their waste and cover it with some earth. This is the reason why how to litter box train a cat can be almost automatic when you are able to set up the proper toileting system for cats. Go along with their instincts in providing the facility for their elimination needs. Here are the normal ways of setting up your cat’s litter box for it to follow:

  1. Cats definitely need privacy when doing their thing. They prefer it in places away from all the chaos and noise. Consider the location carefully when providing a litter box for your cat. It will not have a problem using what you have prepared if it’s comfortable with where you have placed it. Your cat will like it more when the litter box is surrounded by rags that it can scratch on after burying its waste. Even though the feces are already covered with litter, it has a habit of scratching the surrounding areas to make sure that they’re indeed buried completely.

  2. There must be a clear boundary between the feeding area and their litter box.

    ts have sensitive smell, and they will not like smelling their waste at the same time as their food and drink. It helps to place the litter box in areas where fresh air can go in and out.

  3. Once you’ve decided on the right spot for the litter box, put it in a place loaded with fresh litter. Since cats are also very curious animals, your cat might have already investigated everything first before your introduction. Just in case it did not show an interest at all, which is not likely for cats, just pick it up gently and place the cat inside the litter box.

  4. Despite knowing the existence of a litter box, if your cat is still showing signs of trying to relieve itself inappropriately by digging on the floor, immediately pick it up and put the cat inside the litter box. Reward it when it has done it right by giving it some treats or by petting it.

  5. Never place the litter box in unfamiliar places especially when you have just moved into a new home. Choose a spot that can be noticed immediately even if it’s not a high-traffic location.

  6. Litter must not be more than three inches thick but not less than two inches to make the cat at ease with it. If there is too little of an amount of litter, the cat cannot completely cover and minimize the odor. If it has too much litter in the box, it will also spill out of the box when the cat is scratching the litter covering its waste. Just put enough and your cat will be very satisfied with it.

  7. Covering and treating the litter with odor-enhancing formulas may not always be helpful. Cats are more attracted to the “clean” smell of the litter than being suppressed by another substance with a stronger odor.

Monitor the litter box regularly. Eliminate cat waste at once as soon as you see it by scooping it out of the litter box. This will be helpful in not contaminating the litter completely too soon. If you follow the above tips, you should not have difficulties on how to litter box train a cat. Even if you schedule yourself to clean the litter box every Sunday, do not hesitate to do it immediately long before your day for cleaning arrives when you are sensing foul odors from it already. Your cat will find somewhere else to do its thing when the litter box is already filthy.


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