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How to Look Good in Glasses

How to Look Good in Glasses

In the past, people who wear eyeglasses were thought to be nerds and geeks. Nobody would have thought of eyeglasses as pretty or cool accessories. But now, gone are the days when eyeglasses turned people off. Nowadays, eyeglasses are used, not just as vision aids, but also as accessories for people who can work the look. Learning how to look good in glasses can help you turn from geek to cool. Here then are some tips if you want to look your best in glasses:

  1. Select glasses that fit the shape of your face. Your glasses don’t have to look boring. There are many different shapes of eyeglasses that you can choose from. Go to stores that sell eyeglasses and try on as many as you can in order to find frames that suit you. Ask the salespeople for help in making your decision. Remember to find eyeglasses that are shaped in a way that complement your face and your whole personality. You don’t have to choose trendy glasses; the important thing is that you can pull it off.

  2. Play with your eye makeup.

    /i>One trick for looking good in glasses is making your eyes stand out more. Many women think that wearing glasses can make their eyes less noticeable, but it is actually the opposite. Glasses draw attention to your eyes, so you should learn how to play with your eye makeup. Choose mascara, eye shadow, and eyeliner colors that bring out your eyes.

  3. Treat your glasses as accessories. Just as you wear your other accessories, you should also wear your glasses with style and confidence. That being said, you should take into consideration the style and color of your glasses. Bold and flattering colors like maroon, aqua, navy, and berry are great for clothes of the same color scheme. Avoid glasses with bright colors since they will probably not go with your outfit most of the time. If you want to look appropriately young, avoid jewels and sparkles since they make you look like a kid or teenager. Instead, choose glasses with metallic accents on the rim.

  4. Keep your hair in style. Just like your glasses frame your eyes, your hair also frames your face. It is best to volumize your hair rather than have it lay flat on your head. Try to have an intentionally messy hairstyle, such as a volumized ponytail or bedhead waves. If you have bangs, leave them down.

  5. Clean your glasses. Wearing dirty glasses will not only make you look bad, but it will also speak to your personal hygiene. Make sure that your glasses are clean every time you leave the house. Do not let the frames or lenses get scratched. Wipe the lens and the rim with a microfiber cleaning cloth so that your glasses always look new. Pay special attention to the nose pads to avoid any discoloration.

  6. Be confident in wearing glasses. Your confidence will definitely go a long way. If you are ashamed of wearing your glasses, then it will reflect in how you act and interact with other people. Remember, confidence is the biggest turn-on.

Keep in mind that glasses can actually enhance your beauty, as long as you know the tricks for how to look good in glasses. The most important thing about choosing your glasses is that you like them, since this will help boost your confidence when facing other people. In addition, choose glasses that you can use in the long run, since glasses can get pretty pricey. Take good care of your glasses so that they will last for a long time.


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