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How to Look Good in Pictures

How to Look Good in Pictures

Let’s face it, not all people are photogenic. Some people look horrible in pictures: The pictures do not do justice to their real life looks. Fortunately, there are some tips on how to look good in pictures. This guide will help you make the most of your assets when you’re standing in front of the camera.

  1. Prepare yourself. If you are not taking candid photos of yourself, then take the time to prepare. This includes dressing up in clothes that look great for your face, figure, and skin tone. You don’t have to wear extravagant clothes to look great in pictures; sometimes, all you have to know is which clothes suit you best. Also, don’t forget to groom yourself well as this will be evident in pictures.

  2. Determine your angle. You have probably heard people say, “This is my best angle.” That’s not a myth, it’s a fact. Every person has a so-called “angle” when it comes to taking photographs. That is the pose that works best for him/her. In fact, models use this technique all the time.

    to know your angle, you need to experiment by taking several photos of yourself in different poses. Try to focus on your best features. For example, if you have lovely lips, accentuate them by using bright-colored lipstick.

  3. Pull a straight-A body. Having good posture can actually help you a great deal in front of the camera. Aside from exuding self-confidence, your posture will make you look taller and your tummy flab will seem to disappear.

  4. Get rid of your double chin. To make sure your double chin is not captured by the camera, make sure that the camera is placed either at eye level or above you. Tilt your head upwards and jut out your jaw slightly. If you want it to look natural, you will have to practice in front of the mirror a lot.

  5. Avoid being under direct light. You may not always have a say on the lighting in your photographs, however, you can try to make sure that the light hits your face at the desired angle. Standing directly under harsh light can bring about shadows on your face, especially under your eyes. Tilt your head up slightly or move to a location with softer lighting instead.

  6. Turn to your right. Studies show that the left side of your face accentuates your features and makes you look a lot sexier, so take advantage of this. Your left cheek is said to be more expressive than your right, making you look more attractive. This is great, especially for profile pictures.

  7. Practice your best smile. You may think it is easy to smile, but a lot of people actually have trouble getting the perfect smile when taking pictures. The ideal smile radiates to your whole face so that it does not look awkward and unnatural. Learn to smile, not just using your mouth, but also your eyes. That way, people will see how genuinely happy you are, and your photos will carry positive vibes.

Learning how to look good in pictures is not that hard. Just remember the aforementioned guidelines. Also, remember that the real you is still a lot better than the photographed you, so you should exude the same aura of positivity in real life and in photographs.


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