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How to Look Like a Celebrity

How to Look Like a Celebrity

Do you need to find out how to look like a celebrity? Are you planning to go to a costume party and show up as a certain somebody? Do you need to validate the whole point of your entire existence by living up to the image and likeness of your favorite celebrity of all time? Okay, maybe not the latter, but if you want to steal someone’s look, then this may just provide the answer for you. Celebrities nurture their image and brand carefully. In this age of narcissism and celebrity-culture, some celebrities may appear like the next one. But careful observation will help you tell how one person’s style differs from another. For instance, you may notice that a certain celebrity X prefers understated elegance while Y’s taste leans toward sophistication with a touch of bling. Or how a celebrity’s look may be tacky and outrageous but can serve to brand his or her image into the public consciousness, and you realize it’s all part of the package, carefully thought-out and planned. These observations will help you pick out similar items of clothing and accessories, hairstyle and makeup, footwear and other props that will enable you to achieve a likeness.


  • Clothes make the man, as they say, and nowhere is this more noticeable than with celebrities. Some of them may look quite ordinary when they’re out walking in the park, but it’s doubtful you want to copy that look. Instead, take stock of the overall image they project when they’re out in full splendor. Rock stars, Hollywood glamour girls, fashion models, etc. all have signature looks. Note what they wear, how they pair one item of clothing with another, with what accessories, and what kind of hair and makeup; consider how the entire package is put together, and copy it. You may not find or be able to afford the original items they wore. Scour flea markets, consignment shops, or make it yourself; chances are you can come up with the same look on your own.

  • Recreate hair and makeup. This is a big part of a celebrity getup. The hair and makeup will make or break the look. Even male stars have carefully styled hair, moustaches, beards, or goatees. And they all observe strict skin care regimens. Still, hair and makeup can be copied, and your success will depend a great deal on your skill at applying cosmetics and styling your hair. Makeup can be learned. Hair styling, on the other hand, may involve a little more. The more distinctive the look, the easier it is to identify; but at the same time, the harder it may be to recreate. The best advice would be to go for a doable look and recreate that.

  • Bring on the bling, accessories, and props. Celebrities often have trademark accessories that are closely identified with them. When you can find and copy it, you have a better chance of getting the look of the celebrity even if you don’t exactly replicate every item of clothing he or she wore. Lady Gaga’s claw booties, Madonna’s bullet bra, and Dolly Parton’s wigs are just some examples. It will help your characterization if you recognize your chosen celebrity’s prop of choice and use it to your advantage.

  • What makes celebrities fascinating is their uniqueness and individuality. Perhaps it is this quality that makes them celebrities in the first place. If you can emulate whatever it is in their appearance that makes them different from all the rest, then you are closer to answering your own question on how to look like a celebrity.


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