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How to Look Pretty with No Makeup

How to Look Pretty with No Makeup

There’s no denying that makeup can perform serious magic in turning a plain Jane into a goddess; just go online and browse the paparazzi shots of celebrities caught with no makeup for proof. While we understand, and support, those who prefer to lead makeup-free lives, we also get why women (and some men) feel that they are better-looking versions of themselves when they have concealer and mascara on.

Sooner or later though, you will find yourself in a situation when wearing makeup may be inappropriate and can make it seem like you are trying too hard. Even if a minimal makeup look is not an option, don’t fret because we’ll teach you how to look pretty with no makeup at all—not even some eyeliner for tightlining!

  1. Remember the makeup rule that goes Eyes, lashes and lips frame the face? Following this rule for your no-makeup look keeps your face from looking flat and lifeless. Brows can really make or break your look, especially when you are not wearing any eyeshadow or brightly-colored lipstick to take the focus away from them.

    hout filling in your brows, they may not be as full or defined—unless you are very lucky—but they will certainly look better if they are neatly shaped and free of stray hairs. Slick on a tiny bit of Vaseline to make them look glossy, and while you are at it, put some on the lashes to help them grow in thicker and longer. Use Visine to make the whites of your eyes look fresh and bright. Next, using an eyelash curler can really open up your eyes, even without any mascara. Lastly—and we know that this is really stretching the no makeup rule quite a bit—consider putting in some eyelash extensions. They may be pricier than false eyelashes, but they stay on for weeks, and if done correctly, they really make the eyes pop in a way that people have a hard time putting a finger on. As for your lips, make sure that they are moisturized and free of flakes of dry skin; just like with the brows and lashes, Vaseline is your friend here.

  2. Skin care becomes even more important when you can’t rely on foundation and concealer to hide your sins. Wash, tone, exfoliate and moisturize to keep dull skin at bay. Aside from slathering products on your skin, sleep at least seven hours every night and watch your water intake. Sleep and hydration can really make a difference in the appearance of your skin. Dark circles and puffiness around the eyes are signs that your body is not getting enough rest. Water, on the other hand, keeps skin looking well-moisturized so that fine lines and wrinkles are less obvious.

  3. Make the effort to wear clothes that complement your coloring. Have you ever noticed how blondes look very dramatic in black, while redheads can make greens pop like no one else can? This is because the colors that we wear can emphasize the subtle undertones in our hair, skin and eyes. Without makeup to help the balance along, it becomes even more important to pick clothes that bring out the tones in your eyes, hair and skin; you can actually wear any color, as long as you find the right hue. For instance, white can set off olive skin tones more beautifully than cream or beige; brunettes with dark skin and eyes may find it more flattering to wear richer blues like navy or royal since lighter ones like powder blue or periwinkle may wash them out. The general rule is that people with dominant pink tones in their skin tend to look best in cool tones, while people with dominant yellow or olive tones usually look best in warm ones.

Knowing how to look pretty with no makeup is just a matter of finding other ways to play up your best features, and this is definitely something that you can do even without cosmetics. Aside from the tips above, don’t forget that confidence is a large part of what makes a person attractive. Others will be less likely to think that you don’t need makeup to look pretty unless you believe it yourself first.

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