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How to Look Slimmer in a Dress

How to Look Slimmer in a Dress

Women are the ultimate worrywarts when it comes to dressing up for parties and events. After the hype and excitement of being invited comes the feeling of nervousness over what dress to wear and how to wear it. Ideally, you would want something that accentuates all the right curves and hides all the bumps and bulges, but you probably know by now that anything off the rack seems to do just the opposite. To make matters worse, designers sometimes forget that not all women were created equal when it comes to body size and proportions. If you’re conscious about your body and would like to know how to look slimmer in a dress, take note of the following tips the next time you go shopping. Not only will these save you a lot of time, but they will also spare you from a lot of frustration.

  1. Know your body. Don’t fool yourself into thinking you’re one or two sizes smaller than what you really are because you’ll end up choosing a dress that will only emphasize the areas you want to hide. If you really want to look slimmer in a dress, choose one that skims over your curves instead of one that clings to your body like a second skin.

  2. Worried about your hips? Forget the pleats. Pleated dresses or those with side pockets along the hip area will only make you look a lot bigger. Choose A-line dresses instead as these flare along the knee line and effectively draw attention away from the hips. A flowing empire-cut dress that falls just above the knees also helps you achieve a similar effect, emphasizing your bust line rather than your waist and hips. It makes you look taller too.

  3. Let’s talk necklines. Many women often ignore this aspect when choosing a dress, and so they end up ruining their efforts at looking slimmer in the outfits they wear. If your main concern is your waistline, choose a dress with a V or square neckline to focus the attention to the upper area of your torso. Keep away from outfits with high, closed necklines if you’re on the heavy side because you’ll get exactly the opposite of what you aim to achieve. If you have slim shoulders, go for a shoulder-bearing, body skimming dress made of stretchable fabric that will allow you to accentuate your upper torso.

  4. Avoid large, detail-oriented prints. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to settle for monochromes the rest of your shopping days. Choose a dress with solid accents and panels that slenderize the hips, waist, or bust. If you really can’t help but wear a printed dress, choose a pattern or design that is not too bold or loud and certainly not too embellished.

  5. Flabby arms? Lose the shawl. Contrary to what you may think, draping a shawl over your shoulders to hide your arms does not work. It only emphasizes them even more. The same goes for long, tight-fitting sleeves. What you can do is choose a dress with semi-puffed sleeves to balance out your proportions.

  6. Don’t forget your shoes. If you’re a bit short, create a visual illusion of a taller, slimmer you by pairing your dress with footwear with pointy toes or slim heels. Avoid wedges, platforms, and flats if you can, as these can make your legs look thicker than they are.

There is really no perfect outfit, but you can make it perfect for you when you know how to look slimmer in a dress. What matters is that you carry yourself with confidence and feel good about your fashion choices.


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