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How to Look Younger and Sexier

How to Look Younger and Sexier

Most people want to know how to look younger and sexier. Youth and appeal are proven to be big determining factors in helping people get what they want, whether it’s a high-paying job, a life partner, a special favor from strangers, and so on. It’s no wonder that commercials on TV, the radio, in print, or on the Internet are all geared towards answering this burning desire. And if such a question has led you to this article, read on; you just might find something useful among these tips.

  1. Update your look. Nothing can make you look older and more dated than having a hairstyle and wearing clothes that looked good on you from 10 or 20 years ago. Fashion tastes and trends change and evolve so much—even the recently popular retro look is fresh and updated—that retaining the same look for years will make you look like you’re stuck in time and not in a good way. Outdated fashion ages you; that’s a fact. So to counteract this, take a hard look at your wardrobe and overall appearance. There are a lot of things that a salon and a shopping expedition can do to make you look modern, on trend, and thus younger.

    elp from a friend whose taste you admire, and whose lifestyle closely matches yours, to help you pick out something suitable. Maintain good grooming and practice good hygiene habits.

  2. Ensure good health. Stress, fatigue, poor diet, and excessive alcohol consumption weakens a person’s organ system and leads to quick aging of the body. Notice how a few sleepless nights deepen the under-eye circles and make you look haggard? The opposite is true: getting enough hours of sleep make you refreshed, more energetic, and youthful. Another bane to a youthful appearance is smoking: It deepens facial wrinkles, yellows teeth, and slowly destroys the body. That’s a quick aging mechanism right there, so just quit it if you want to look younger and sexier. Go on an annual medical checkup religiously so that any health problems may be detected and treated early and so that your doctor can advise you on anything else you might need to do to maintain your health.

  3. Exercise regularly. A limber, toned body stays youthful and strong and helps a person give off a healthy, radiant glow. People who exercise regularly have more supple joints and quicker movements. They walk, not shuffle; they stand, not stoop; they are active, not sloppy. A person who takes good care of his or her body and is fit also exudes an air of confidence and quiet strength that is appealing, attractive, and sexy.

  4. Keep good posture. Slouching is a turn-off. Stand up straight, tuck your tummy in, and stick your chest out—within reason, of course. Just simply standing up right can take years off your appearance, especially if you’ve had poor posture for a long time. It may be difficult to change, but just being aware and getting into the habit of standing straight can do wonders for your appearance.

  5. Eat well. What comes in is what goes out, as they say. Drinking plenty of water keeps the body—especially the skin—hydrated, thus preventing dried-out, wrinkly skin over time. Eating a well-balanced diet ensures that the body gets its needed nutrients for optimum well-being. The nutrients from food help the body to maintain its self-healing ability better. Take vitamins and supplements if necessary. Minimize your intake of junk, fatty, empty-calorie foods, which do your body no favors. A hearty appetite is nothing to be ashamed of if you eat well; an endless appetite is never sexy on anyone.

There you have it—tips on how to look younger and sexier. The rest is up to you.


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