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How to Look Younger at 60

How to Look Younger at 60

Some people don't look their age; they look younger than they actually do. Understandably, you're curious about their secret. Is it their genes? Is it their expensive skin care regimen? If you want to know how to look younger at 60, continue reading for the answers.

  1. Consider a lifestyle overhaul to help you slow down the signs of aging or even freeze them. Sleep at least 7 hours each night and drink 8 glasses of water each day. Cut down your sugar intake as well, as this hastens aging.

  2. If you smoke, it would do you well to stop since it triggers wrinkle formation and sagging.

  3. Improve your diet and eat small portion many times a day. This is so that your body gets the nutrition it needs to maintain your bodily functions and repairs itself.

  4. Working out gives you energy and improves your appearance. It also keeps you healthy and fit, which will make you look younger. Plus, your clothes will look better on you and your gait will have more of a youthful bounce.

  5. Maintain good posture, as doing so helps take years off your age. It also makes you look slimmer and taller as well as more confident.

  6. Apply moisturizer regularly every day, especially after showering. Moreover, using some fake tan or bronzing lotions gives you that healthy glow and makes your skin look smoother.

  7. Makeup is an essential aspect of looking younger than your age. At 60, you'll need to avoid dark, harsh colors so as not to highlight wrinkles and saggy skin.

  8. Your ultimate cosmetic weapon is liquid foundation. Apply it evenly all over your face, including the eyelids. Follow it up with concealer. Warmed it with your fingers and dab it on the inner corner under your eyes and over obvious blemishes. Set this base with just a little loose powder.

  9. Apply a little eyebrow powder to your brows if they are sparse. Use a shade similar to your hair color or go a shade lighter.

  10. Swipe a natural-looking color over your lids, like pink or beige. Apply mascara so your eyes open up and look a bit more defined. Go easy on the blush, and just brush some lightly on your cheeks to give you a light, rosy glow. Finish this off with light-colored lipstick, like pink, coral, or mauve.

  11. Color your hair; this will dramatically make you look less than your 60 years. However, go for a lighter shade that matches your skin tone. Alternatively, have your silver or gray mane colored or corrected so it looks even and soft. Highlights and lowlights also help you look younger.

  12. If you're going for the gray or silver-haired look, keep your tresses short. If you're going for blonde or brunette, consider a longer hairstyle, as long as it suits your lifestyle and face shape.

  13. A significant part of looking younger than you do is your wardrobe. Wear clothes that fit you well and are not baggy or shapeless. Highlight your assets; if you still have a great pair of legs, wear knee-length skirts, for example.

Another way how to look younger at 60 is to wear light-colored garments. Don't be afraid to add yellows, oranges, or lavenders to your wardrobe, although it is wise not to wear many colors at the same time. Moreover, you can wear control undergarments to make your clothes fit you better. Think about the overall look from head to toe to stay looking younger.  


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