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How to Look Younger with Makeup

How to Look Younger with Makeup

Makeup is meant to enhance a person’s beauty. A person looks even more beautiful in color when makeup is applied properly. Makeup can transform how a person looks. Impersonators have mastered the use of makeup to look like a celebrity. Like clothes, makeup can be used to highlight a facial asset and downplay or conceal a perceived blemish or flaw. Makeup can make a person look younger too. Here are some ways on how to look younger with makeup.

  1. Avoid using powder

    Some people think that putting on more makeup will conceal wrinkles and make them look younger. That makeup philosophy can backfire because the excess makeup on the skin will settle into wrinkled crevices and fine lines, making them stand out instead of hiding them. Powder does this too, which is why it is not advisable for those wishing to look younger. In addition, powder will bring attention to the fact that your skin has lost its natural glow because it can make your face look cakey and dull. As an alternative to powder, use a lightweight foundation or tinted moisturizer.

    It will even out your skin tone without a greasy or caked on look to show off the smoothness of your skin. A yellowish foundation makes any skin tone look younger because it warms the skin. If you’d rather use concealer, use a liquid one.

  2. Opt for a pink cream blush

    As mentioned previously, aging skin can lose its natural glow. A nice pink-toned blush will give a subtle glow to your skin and stop it from looking dull. A pink blush also makes the wearer look more youthful. Test various shades of pink blush until you find a shade that complements your skin tone. Make sure that it is cream-based since powder makeup is not advisable. Apply the cream blush evenly to your cheeks with clean fingers.

  3. Curl your eyelashes

    If not cared for properly, the sensitive area around the eyes can be one of the first sites to show signs of aging. The eyelids begin to droop and the lashes start to flatten closer to the skin. Curling the lashes will make the eyes pop and give the appearance of an alert and pulled up eye area that is defying gravity. Your eyes will look more open and less droopy. Curl gently to avoid pulling on the hairs. It is best to curl them after a shower or after washing your face while the hairs are still soft. Then, put on a coat or two of mascara to hide greying and sparse lashes.

  4. Go for full lips

    Unfortunately, lips start to thin out and wrinkle over time. To combat this, use lipstick that contains moisturizers to keep your lips hydrated. You will notice that lipstick that causes dryness gives the illusion of multiple fine lines on the lips. Apply a plumping lip gloss over the lipstick. It is specially formulated to make your lips look fuller and to diminish fine lines. You will feel your lips tingle as the product does its job. Enhance the effect of a lip plumper by choosing medium to light colors.

  5. Switch to brown eyeliner

    Gone are the days when you played with a contrasting look by using black eyeliner. A dark brown eyeliner will give the same intensity around your eyes as black does, but the effect will be less jarring. A sophisticated, subtle hue around the eyes will not bring attention to the fine lines and imperceptible drooping. When applying eyeliner, flick with your wrist at the end to achieve small wings. This opens up the eyes and will complement the lifting effect you did in tip 3.

These are only a few ways on how to look younger with makeup. You will notice that you need to start buying and applying makeup a little bit differently. Keep your skin moisturized and use anti-aging products if needed.


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