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How to Lose 10 pounds in 2 Weeks

How to Lose 10 pounds in 2 Weeks

Have you been looking in the mirror and telling yourself that it’s about time you shed off those pounds? Or were you staring at a pair of skinny jeans and feeling bad that they can’t fit you anymore? Or maybe swimsuit season is fast approaching, but your body fat still thinks its winter and doesn’t want to leave yet? Whatever your reason, losing weight can be a good idea, not only for a sexier new look, but also for a healthier body. This guide on how to lose 10 pounds in two weeks will have you looking slimmer and feeling much more confident.

  1. Cut out the white grain. Whether its pasta, bread, rice or baked goodies, just say no. White grains make you bloat around the belly because they are easily digested and make you feel hungrier sooner, thereby increasing a tendency to overeat. Banning these foods from your diet will instantly give you a slimmer look over a week or two. If you want to shed pounds even faster, skip the whole grains too and opt for veggies instead. Though whole grains make you feel fuller and contain more protein, they still can cause bloating.

    ggies, on the other hand, are rich in fiber and water, making them a better choice because they also help flush out toxins and make moving your bowels much easier.

  2. Go for fish. Though opting for leaner portions of meats helps a lot, take it a step further by choosing fish for one to two meals a day. Salmon and tuna are good choices, and the omega oils found in fish can benefit your cardiovascular system and make for an even healthier diet.

  3. Water up. Drinking enough water, at least eight to 10 glasses a day is good for your metabolism and serves to flush out toxins and excess fluids too. When thirsty, avoid reaching for sodas or sweetened beverages; just a single bottle of these sugar-laden drinks can contain the calories of a heavy snack. Some beverages may also leave you feeling bloated and sluggish, so water is really the best option, as it has zero calories and no unhealthy additives. If you think water is too bland for your taste, zing it up with lemon and mint for that refreshing flavor.

  4. Drink a pre-workout cup of coffee. Before doing your scheduled workout, a cup of coffee—either black or with skim milk—can help boost the burn. Since it contains caffeine, a stimulant, it can trigger a faster heart rate and help you burn more calories during your workout.

  5. Schedule cardio sessions. Cardio exercises keep your heart beating fast and your body working hard to breakdown nutrients into energy. Try out activities that engage several muscles at once, like running, cycling, spinning or cardio kickboxing. A 30- to 40-minute session every day can do wonders for your weight in two weeks.

  6.  Do squats, push-ups and lunges. Three sets of 12 with each exercise at least three times a week can dramatically improve your weight. They target your upper and lower body muscles so you can have a sleeker figure, a well-sculpted belly, and toned thighs.

  7. Snooze longer. Getting more sleep than what usually works for you can aid in boosting energy and metabolism. When you sleep, your body builds muscle and refreshes itself for the day ahead. Sleeping around 30 to 40 minutes more than usual makes you feel more invigorated and prevents you from trying to compensate for the lack of sleep by consuming more sweets and carbs than necessary.

Promise yourself to take on at least four of the tips on how to lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks. With fierce determination and self-control, you will surely see results in just 14 days.


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