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how to lose belly fat for women exercises

how to lose belly fat for women exercises

Everyone loves a slim and toned body, so having belly fat can be hard for women. When you have a low metabolism, it is particularly easy for fat to accumulate in the body. Therefore, many women are concerned about how to lose belly fat for women exercises. It is must be noted, however, that losing belly fat entails a lot of discipline, determination, and exercise. Notice that women have more belly fat build up compared to men. This is because of the sudden changes that happen at the hormonal level, which greatly affect the body’s metabolism. This hormonal imbalance happens during the monthly menstrual period of every woman, during pregnancy, and during the menopausal stage. Moreover, as we age, our metabolism really slows down, and fat tissues start to accumulate in a particular area of the body. Be as it may; let us find out how to lose belly fat below.

  1. Your expectations must be realistic. Let us note that belly fat can also be hereditary, which means that losing it cannot happen with a mere snap of the fingers. Although there is limit to what you can do about it, that should not stop you from aiming for more.

    Regular physical exercise and closely monitored food intake can really help you lose the target number of pounds. Strong willpower is necessary.

  2. A healthy diet is a must. Let us focus first on the elimination part. Do away with junk food, oily and fatty foods, fried foods, processed foods with high calorie content, sodas and other related sweet foods, alcoholic drinks, canned goods, and dairy products. Foods that are high in carbohydrates must also be eaten less. Remember that your diet is very important as the saying goes “you are what you eat.”

    Let us move onto the foods that must be primarily included in your meal plan. Low-fat foods can really help a lot in losing belly fat. Your fat intake in a day should be less than 50 grams. Eating brown or unpolished rice is much better. As you burn calories, you need plenty of water in your body. Focus more on fresh fruits, fresh fruit juices, and green leafy vegetables.

    A glass of fresh lemon juice every morning is a good start. Drinking of 8 to 10 glasses of water on a daily basis helps in flushing out toxins and the accumulated unnecessary sugar in your body.

  3. Do cardiovascular workouts regularly. Exercises that have lower impact, such as swimming, bicycling, walking, aerobics, and jogging, are recommended. Swimming, for instance, is very easy on the joints as you burn belly fats. Bicycling not only burns fats all over the body, but it also tones your leg muscles. In addition, walking briskly with hands swinging can promote good blood circulation. You can do either of these at least 30 to 45 minutes a day.

    As you progress, increase your workout level by going into a more forceful cardio program in order to take away a huge portion of your belly fat. Regular exercise can help you build up muscle tissues, which are useful in fighting fat. You must push yourself further for much better results.

  4. Abdominal toning is required. This type of exercise should be part of your daily routine because your target is eradicating belly fat. One good exercise is the V-Up workout for your lower and upper abdomen. Do it over a spacious floor area at home.

    While lying on the floor, raise your legs and torso simultaneously to create a V shape with your body. Explore your balance as you repeat the process.

    Try the Frog-Kick exercise. Over a spacious floor area, lie down comfortably and pull your knees towards your chest. Like a frog, slowly begin kicking out your feet at approximately 45 degrees.

  5. Change your lifestyle. This is not really mandatory, but a healthy and controlled lifestyle goes a long way. You can still continue your regular daily life but change it up a little. For example, use the stairs rather than going into the elevator. In public places, avoid secondhand smoke.

  6. Maintain a stress-free lifestyle. More than anything else, you should totally avoid stress. A stress-free lifestyle is essentially a healthy way of living. There is a clear connection between belly fat and stress itself. Whenever the mind is highly stressed, the body tends to release cortisol or the so-called stress hormone. Cortisol slows down the metabolism and increases the level of food cravings. You may find this ironic, but it is true. To regulate your stress, there are simple things you can do like deep breathing, getting a massage, walking, and doing what you like.

There are a number of available materials primarily dealing with how to lose belly fat for women exercises. But the set of steps we have just talked about are home-based, inexpensive, effective, and very much doable. Start now and get rid of that annoying fat in your belly.


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