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How to Lose Body Fat

How to Lose Body Fat

Losing body fat can be quite tricky. The body has the tendency to lose muscle mass along with fat. Still, if your goal is to have a more defined physique, those extra fat stores will need to go. Today, we’ll teach you how to lose body fat more effectively while minimizing muscle loss. Compared to simple weight loss that you can accomplish just by skipping a meal or two, losing body fat is much more difficult. To be effective at this, you have to know your body and how it responds to different factors such as insulin spikes, unsaturated fats, increased protein intake, etc. It’s not a one-size-fits-all formula; human metabolism is a complex matter. However, there are effective methods that can help you lose body fat:

  1. If you are just getting started on your journey to fat loss, you should realize that you have to give your body a chance to ease into things. A common newbie mistake is starting off on a workout program that is too intense for your present level. If you are severely overweight, don’t place your body under too much stress. Start off with a moderately intense program of aerobics and weight training.

    you shed more weight, you can increase the intensity level accordingly. You can initially do walking and weight lifting that targets the larger muscle groups.

  2. Start overhauling your diet. Cut out the bad stuff like trans-fats and simple carbohydrates so that you can have more room for unsaturated fats and complex carbs. The best time for eating complex carbs (brown rice, oats, beans, whole grains, etc.) is before 6:00 p.m. and directly after training. During these periods, complex carbs are more likely to be processed as glycogen, not fat.

  3. Increase your water intake. Filling up on water not only tricks the stomach into thinking it’s full, but it also directly helps the body to metabolize fat. Drinking water is essential for fat loss because it allows the liver to be more efficient in converting fat into energy. Aim to consume at least one gallon of water daily, more than this if you are obese or living in a hot climate.

Some additional fat loss tips: (a) cut out alcohol and smoking; (b) get a professional trainer if you can afford one, even for just a couple of months; and (c) commit yourself for the long-haul. Aside from the general guidelines above, proper timing is a crucial part of figuring out how to lose body fat effectively. Obese individuals (those who have to lose 40 or more pounds of fat) need to first concentrate on getting their weight down before focusing on muscle definition. As mentioned earlier, a low-impact routine will prevent excessive strain on the joints and vital organs. Stay away from crash dieting and intense training. People who are moderately overweight should couple high-intensity training with a sensible eating approach. Taking a fat burning supplement could also help, but keep in mind that it is no substitute for diet and exercise. With the proper regimen for your body, your fat stores will begin to melt away, and all the hard work will be worth it.


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