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How to Lose Love Handles Quick

How to Lose Love Handles Quick

Love handles, or the subcutaneous layer of fat around the midsection, are often the last to go—and the most difficult to let go—even after the most diligent of workouts, particularly for women of childbearing age. This has something to do with how women were built for nourishing the fetus or newborn in case of a lack of food or the inability to hold down food (during the first trimester of pregnancy). But if you are not planning to have a child anytime soon and your bulging midsection needs to get out of the way before you don a form-fitting little black dress, here’s what you can do to learn how to lose love handles quick.

  1. Eat healthy. The abdomen is part of a whole, and what you do with the whole affects the part, especially one as vulnerable (to fatty deposits) as the midsection. So the first thing that you need to do to lose those love handles is to watch what you eat. Truth be told, no amount of exercise will help you lose that belly fat if you don’t eat right. Love handles are fat deposits, and unless you are careful with your diet, you’ll pack more fat than you can actually burn.

    rder to reduce the amount of fat you pack, consider eating more proteins than carbs. Both proteins and carbs contain calories, but calories from protein burn faster. In addition, go for fiber-rich foods that make you feel fuller longer and reduce your cravings (for sugary and fatty things). When you can’t control your snacking habits, choose yogurt or a vegetable salad with vinaigrette dressing. Accordingly, the acid contained in these sour treats helps improve the fat-burning process during digestion.

  2. 2Work out moderately regularly. According to a study conducted by Harvard University, moderately intense workouts performed regularly are a person’s first line of offense against losing abdominal fat, and the most effective defense against gaining back those pounds. So you would need to incorporate a good amount of cardio exercises into your workout routine. Many people don’t like cardio exercises because they are exhausting, but that’s the whole point of the routines. You won’t lose that fat if you don’t perspire, and cardio is better at making you sweat than other exercises.

  3. Target love handles with specific abdominal exercises. Abdominal exercises alone are not enough to shed unwanted belly fat. However, you still need to do them (along with other resistance-training exercises) to strengthen your core. A strong core is very important not only for postural purposes but also for overall health (so it is able to carry the entire body while keeping the organs in place). On top of core strengthening routines, throw in some specific moves like leg flutters; standard, bicycle, twisting, and Russian crunches; planks; side and stability ball planks; standing trunk twists; and lifts.

  4. Do an extra chore for about 30 minutes a day. You can break this down into three 10-minute segments, so you are on the move all throughout the day. The key is to keep moving regularly, so the small calories you burn add up without making you exhausted.

  5. Choose a sport and sustain your interest in it. Many people easily lose motivation when they see little or no progress in their quest to lose their love handles. If you’re one of them, your best bet to keep your fire burning is to join a sports club. Doing so keeps you motivated to exercise simply because it’s fun and socially engaging. Doing active sports like basketball and football also sheds significant pounds, not just in your belly but also in your whole body because you tend to perspire more during training, practices, and games. To see better results, try to outdo yourself every time. If you only play two quarters in a basketball game, push yourself to play longer. This will not only burn those love handles faster but will also develop your game. You might become intensely passionate about it to make it your lifelong hobby.

As much as it is tempting to engage in routines on how to lose love handles quick that promise you to lose more than two pounds a week, keep in mind that overall health precedes any quick weight-loss regimen. This is because losing weight at an alarmingly fast rate translates to losing lean muscle mass and not fat, a situation that will upset your metabolism and do more harm than good.


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