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How to Lose Thigh Fat Quick and Easy

How to Lose Thigh Fat Quick and Easy

After the abdomen, the thighs are the next most vulnerable part of the body to fatty deposits, and the most unsightly to look at when riddled with cellulite. If you have these and have tried to tone your thighs without desirable results, perhaps it’s high time for you to learn routines for how to lose thigh fat quick and easy like the ones listed below.

  1. Strike a yoga pose. Yoga has earned quite a following as it has been proven to ease both mental and physical distress. Like exercise, certain yoga poses can be utilized to aid in burning the fat around your thighs, with the added bonus of strengthening them and improving your balance. One yoga pose that specifically targets the hamstrings and the quadriceps is the tree pose. To do this, plant your right foot firmly on the ground. Press your palms together as you would when praying, then lift your left leg and let it rest against your right thigh. This is one of easiest poses you can perfect, even if you have no prior experience with yoga. Another pose, and somewhat more difficult, is the warrior III pose.

    Again, plant your right foot firmly on the ground. Then, slowly lean forward while keeping your arms clipped to your sides. As you lean forward, raise your left leg backwards, until you form the letter “T.” Try to hold these poses for at least 30 seconds before switching to the other foot. Once you become more comfortable in these poses, you can increase the holding time to three minutes per leg.

  2. Walk and run (harder and faster). Walking and running are probably the oldest exercises that you can do to lose those jiggly thighs. The secret to effectively using them in trimming your hamstrings and quads is in step and speed. When walking or running, instead of your normal steps, try to extend your strides further and quicken your pace. You will feel a burning sensation in your lower extremities as well as an elevation in your heart rate, enough to cause perspiration. Take this as a sign that your walking and running, especially on elevated platforms, is burning calories. Now you know why mountaineers and hikers tend to have firm, toned hamstrings and quadriceps.

  3. Engage in contact sports. Contact sports that involve a lot of kicking are a good way to lose that fat in your thighs. You may want to consider kickboxing, muay thai, taekwondo, or even karate in your spare time. Kicking hard and often puts stress and tension in your leg muscles and puts them to work, which helps burn fat. Aside from improving your lower extremities, they also make for a great whole body workout, which will make you sweat and lose fat all over. Then there’s the added bonus of learning some defensive moves, should the need arise.

  4. Kick it harder with leg exercises. Understandably, you need to incorporate leg exercises in your routines. There are many types and variations of leg exercises. Most of them do not require complicated contraptions or any equipment at all and can be done in the comfort of your home. Some of these include squats, leg raises, calf/heel raises, leg rows, and lunges.

As with all other weight loss exercises, complement your routines with appropriate lifestyle changes and a proper diet. You will cancel out the benefits of learning how to lose thigh fat quick and easy if you continue with habits that deposit fat directly to your thighs, such as sitting around all day watching television or helping yourself to calorie-laden comfort foods. The most effective weapon in your battle against thigh fat is regular activity that keeps your circulation going and your calories burning.


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