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How to Lose Ugly Thigh Fat Fast

How to Lose Ugly Thigh Fat Fast

You’ve found the perfect swimsuit and short flirty dress for the next beach trip, but they don’t seem to look right on you, no thanks to the thigh fat you’ve been wanting to lose. You’re not alone. For most women, it seems that the smallest snack, or even the sight of food, makes their thighs swell. Worry not; you can do a variety of things to slim down your thighs and stop worrying about fat and cellulite again. The following tips can teach you how to lose ugly thigh fat fast without starving yourself or taking scary diet pills.

  1. Try endurance running. Endurance running means that you have to run longer distances (think marathons). This type of exercise can effectively tone the size of your thighs and calves, even if you have naturally muscular thighs. Choose flat terrain to decrease the strain and target the right muscles. A good, long 90-minute run uses up your body’s fat and carbs. Regular endurance running can slim down your thighs and also help trim your calves.

  2. Set aside time for cardio exercises.

    ding around 60 minutes a day on cardiovascular exercises allows you to burn fat without gaining muscle mass. Cardio exercises speed up your heart rate, signaling your body to produce more energy and target your fat reserves. Work your thighs more than the usual by doing exercises like stationary biking or running on the treadmill. Using the stairs more often at a brisk pace can also add to your workout.

  3. Do squats and lunges. The American Council on Exercise reports that these two exercises combined can target thigh fat faster than any other exercise. To do squats, simply stand with your feet farther apart than your hips, then lower your buttocks as if you are going to sit without letting your knees go past your toes. Then stand back up to the starting position and repeat. To do lunges, stand with your feet hip-width apart. Step forward with your right foot, and bend your knee until a right angle is formed and your weight shifts forward. Then straighten up to go back to your starting position. Repeat with your left leg. Doing three sets (20 counts each) of these two exercises at least three days a week can speed up the loss of thigh fat.

  4. Eat healthy. You can’t expect to lose fat anywhere without keeping your diet in check, but this doesn’t mean starving yourself. It’s simply choosing your food more wisely, sticking to food products closer to their natural form. Stock up on leafy greens and fruits, and opt for whole grain breads rather than sugar-laden white ones. For protein sources, choose lean portions and snack on nuts like almonds and peanuts. Never skip breakfast because this first meal jumpstarts your metabolism and provides you essential energy to start off your morning workout. Avoid snacks and sides high in sugar or unhealthy fat.

  5. Always reach for a glass of water. Keeping yourself hydrated helps maintain a robust metabolism. Also, when reaching for a drink, stay away from sodas and high-sugar juices. Drink water instead to skimp on the unhealthy sugar calories that these commercial drinks contain.

    Follow your workout schedule. Motivate yourself enough to get your butt up and start exercising. Set five to six days a week to do the exercises above, and discipline yourself to stay on schedule and finish your set routine, whether it is an endurance run, three sets of squats, or your cardio workout. Keep an exercise diary to track your progress and further motivate you to stay on track.
With enough discipline and enthusiasm, religiously following the tips above on how to lose ugly thigh fat fast will help you attain those slimmer thighs in just a short time. Most importantly, when you’ve reached your goal, maintain your exercise regimen at least three days a week to ward of any unwanted fat in your thigh areas. Now you can wear that flirty dress or the sexy pair of shorts whenever you want!


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