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How to Lose Weight After Menopause

How to Lose Weight After Menopause

If you have found it harder to shed pounds after 30, that’s because the body’s metabolism slows down as it ages. Think of it as the body’s mechanism to be prudent with its resources as the organs become less efficient in their operation due to wear and tear. You can work around metabolism changes as they relate to age by picking up healthy habits as you reach that dreaded number. If you have been subscribing to various weight loss fads without encouraging results and wondering how to lose weight after menopause—and keep it off—adopt these healthier habits as early as you can.

  1. Step up your activity level. You'll likely gain weight if you maintain the same activity level as you did when you were in your 30s, or even your 40s. The key to maintaining a healthy weight after menopause is to up your activity level. Take daily walks or runs. Take breaks from work to stand up and, if possible, stand up while working. Standing burns more calories than sitting. Start your morning with a bit of light yoga or Pilates and join your local YMCA to go for a brisk swim once or twice a week.

  2. Take on a muscle-building activity. Muscle burns more calories than fat does. So, if you want to craft your body into the most effective fat-burning machine possible, you'll want to tone up and create muscle mass. Start by doing some lifting exercises daily, engage in simple push-ups and sit-ups, climb stairs, and get a resistance ring. Anything to help you safely add some muscle mass will greatly help you lose weight and keep it off.

  3. Modify your eating. As with any weight loss and weight management plan, you'll need to modify your eating. After menopause, you'll want to consume around 200 calories less a day. Try eating more fruits and vegetables that are full of water and packed with fiber. This makes them more filling, so you'll find yourself eating less. It also means you’re not consuming a whole lot of extra calories. You'll also want to ditch the fried foods and calorie-rich meats. Try eating grilled or baked meats more and go for lean meats like chicken and fish. Roast your own vegetables for a healthier alternative to fries and other fried favorites.

  4. Cut needless beverage calories. Unless you're drinking water, you're consuming empty calories. The more calories you consume during the day, the more you have to worry about taking them off later. Beverages like fruit juices (especially those that aren't 100% percent fruit juice), sodas, specialty coffees, sweet teas, and smoothies are all packed with extra calories, and depending on the beverage, you could be consuming upward of 200 extra calories in just your drink! Cut calories by substituting your favorite beverage for water or sparkling water. Add a small amount of lemon or lime juice for flavor, or infuse your own water for added flavor with significantly fewer calories.

Keeping an ideal weight is crucial not just after menopause; it is equally important at an earlier age to avoid succumbing to obesity-related diseases, which tend to compound in old age. So while it helps to find out how to lose weight after menopause, it pays far more to start doing it while you’re younger. Don’t worry, though, if you feel like you have squandered all those years; the body will adapt, albeit slower at this stage, to adjustments you will make. So if you are just starting to pick up good habits now, it’s important to be consistent with them to fully enjoy the benefits of a healthier lifestyle.  


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