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How to Lose Weight and Build Muscle

How to Lose Weight and Build Muscle

Learning how to lose weight and build muscle is an immense and daunting task for most people who want to look like the models and actors with washboard abs and taut bodies. This does not mean that it is impossible, as the same models and actors have gone through the same steps below. You have to lose weight before building muscle. Otherwise, you will have toned muscles underneath a layer of fat, which might even make you look bulkier. Once you have lost weight, you can start building muscle to tighten the loose skin from the weight loss.

  1. Diet properly

    Lowering your caloric intake is a logical way to lose weight. This is because you have to consume less food and burn more energy to lose weight. To consume less food means to eat smaller portions and make sure it results in an overall lower calorie content. A good daily calorie amount to target is 2,200 for men and 2,000 for women. If you also increase your physical activity following steps 2 and 3 below, you can lose up to two pounds a week. A weight loss of two pounds a week is the recommended maximum since any more than that might be unhealthy.

    Eating a very low amount of food to lose a lot of weight too soon can result in feelings of deprivation, which will not help you sustain your diet. In addition, if your body feels deprived, it will slow down its metabolism, which will counter your weight-loss goals.

    An effective method to keep you on track with your diet and your progress is to keep a food diary. Write down all that you eat and drink in one week. It’s a good exercise to keep you aware of what you take in. You might even put down that doughnut since you know you’ll be reminded of it days later. Looking at the list at the end of the week will give you a reality check on how much you’ve underestimated your calorie consumption. Calculate and plan how you can achieve your 2,200 or 2,000 goal daily by making tweaks on your food list. Remove items or replace them with healthier options. An example would be ditching the doughnut and eating celery or carrot sticks instead.

  2. Do cardiovascular exercises

    Cardiovascular or aerobic exercises are a great way to get your heart pumping and to lose weight. Examples include running, walking, biking, jogging, swimming, dancing, and step aerobics. To track your progress and see how your body adapts to improve your stamina, time how long it takes for you to run or walk a kilometer or a mile, and you will see that time get lower the more often you exercise. Be careful with overexerting yourself in aerobic exercises without proper stretching or exercising for too long or too often. Give your muscles time to recover, or else injuries will result.

  3. Alternate with weight training

    Cardiovascular exercises alone may help you lose weight; however, building muscle will be impossible without resistance or strength training. Resistance training involves lifting free weights or using exercise machines or resistance bands. Exercise physiologists state that a pound of muscle burns as much as nine times the calories of a pound of fat. Two hours after weight training, the body is still running on the higher metabolism, as if it was still exercising. Furthermore, your resting metabolism is heightened as well. Discuss with your fitness coach or doctor the appropriate resistance training that you can do given your circumstances and your goal of building muscle.

Remember that the struggle with losing weight and building muscle has been fought and won by many people, while it has been fought and lost by even more people. If it were easy to achieve a lean and muscled body, no one would have to envy the bodies of actors and models. Have patience and be determined that following these tips for how to lose weight and build muscle will bring your desired results.


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