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How to Lose Weight by Dancing

How to Lose Weight by Dancing

Dancing makes losing weight less work and more fun. If you have closely looked at professional dancers, you’ve likely felt a burning desire to sculpt a body like theirs and harbored envy that they are doing all that and having a blast as well. If you’d like to follow in their path, here are some key points to remember on how to lose weight by dancing, so you burn the most calories and have the most fun too!

  1. Work in regular dance time. If you're going to lose weight by dancing, you'll have to make the time to dance. Set aside at least 20 minutes a day, four days a week. You'll need to make sure that your heart rate goes up and maintains that accelerated pace for the entire 20 minutes of dance time. Put together a music mix that lasts 20 minutes, so you don't have to worry about watching the clock.

  2. Dance with your entire body. In order to really benefit from dancing, choose dance moves that work the entire body. These types of moves will also get your heart rate up, so you'll get a double benefit.

    e sure that your arms are moving up and down and that your upward motions go to at least shoulder height. Rotate your chest and tummy area and move your legs enough that you get them shoulder-width apart. If you can't feel your heart rate increase, exaggerate your motions more or try livelier music to get you moving faster.

  3. Increase your range of motion. It counts a lot. Don't just increase the range of motion in your arms and legs, do it for your entire body. You may think that “dropping it” is only a move for the clubs, but in reality, you should drop it, jump up, and lunge from side to side. Each of these moves makes the most of your workout, burns calories, tones your muscles, and builds strength.

  4. Cater your music to your particular dance style. Your music selection really makes a difference in how you get up and move. If you create a music list that is slower, you're going to be dancing slower. This isn't necessarily a bad thing; it just means you'll be making slower motions that encourage stretching and toning rather than burning a lot of calories. If you're looking to really burn up calories, you'll want to get yourself up and moving, so pick something that will get you jumping around, running in place, throwing your arms into the air, and using your muscles.

  5. Choose dances to fit your daily goal. Different dances accomplish different goals, so if you're in need of extensive calorie burning, you'll want an intense dance. If you're looking to wind down, tone, and strengthen gently, ballet is a great way to go. Hip Hop Abs helps you get a cardio workout as well as a great abdominal workout to tone the tummy area and build muscle in your midsection.

  6. Take your dance moves on the road. A dance workout doesn't have to happen at home all the time. Take some friends out for a night of dancing! Dancing in a club or taking a dance class helps you burn calories and sets you up to have a great time doing it. Just be careful that you're not consuming more food and drink calories than you're burning!

If running five miles a day feels like a lot of work, ease into running and other more physically demanding activities by dancing, which is less intimidating and more enticing. With this helpful information on how to lose weight by dancing, the only thing left to do is to tie those shoes.


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