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How to Lose Weight by Running

How to Lose Weight by Running

The prospect of losing weight can be made more inviting if all you need to do to shed pounds is tie your shoelaces and run. While running alone will not burn as many calories, it does provide a solid foundation to a more physically active lifestyle, which, in the long run, is actually what keeps the pounds at bay. To get you started on that road, here are a few tips onhow to lose weight by running.

  1. Run first thing in the morning. Hitting the road before you perform all of your other tasks sets your frame of mind right, at least, as far as losing weight is concerned. By engaging in any form of exercise upon waking up—running being the easiest—you unconsciously tell yourself that your health comes first before all else.

  2. Run at heart-friendly speeds. Before you build momentum, you have to establish your maximum heart rate first. The rule of thumb is to run gradually until you achieve a heart rate of 65% of your maximum beats per minute. Then you can gradually push yourself to perform more exacting routines that burn more calories.


  3. Run consistently. Run whether you feel like it or not and, to keep your spirits up, follow a running program that works for your body even though the results are slow to come. If you want to succeed in your weight loss journey, you should follow a regimented running program that will not only help you lose weight but will also develop your immune system and increase your energy level. The more energized you are, the more strength you have to run; thus, you can gradually increase your speed and intensity. On the other hand, if you want more intensity when running, you can throw in other exercises like pushups and body squats. Likewise essential is to warm up and cool down sufficiently to prevent injuries (which are a huge, dissuading factor that will keep you off the pavement).

  4. Aim for more miles instead of faster speed. Sprints burn calories fast, but they also create a rebound that makes your body crave sugary and fatty treats. To shed unwanted pounds but not essential fats, run consistently for more miles as your stamina allows. This way, your body burns calories gradually without starving you and depriving your cells of fuel.

  5. Do sprints in intervals. Undeniably, intense running workouts burn the most calories. To take advantage of this mechanism, incorporate 30-second sprints into your routine but only up to a point where you still have energy to spare for less-intense workouts. Doing intervals also allows your muscles some rest in between to prevent a build-up of lactic acid, which creates sore muscles the next day.

  6. Allow your body to adjust to the running program. This is another way of saying that you have to start slow, which translates to walking exercises for the first few days, and then running once a week (while still doing walking exercises), and finally, running regularly three or four times a week. This is to ease your muscles, ligaments, and tendons into the moderate-impact sport that running will become down the road.

To keep you motivated on how to lose weight by running, refer to the following statistics: In a 60-minute run at a speed of 10 minutes per mile, men burn 612 calories while women burn 712.       A 130-pound woman, running for 20 minutes at a speed of five miles per hour, will burn only 144 calories. While this tells you that running longer and running faster torch up more calories, keep in mind that it’s the consistency that matters over time.


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