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How to Lose Weight Doing Everyday Chores

How to Lose Weight Doing Everyday Chores

If your favorite pair of jeans have been fitting a bit more tightly than usual, it may be time to start becoming a little more active on a day-to-day basis. Now before you make excuses about having a tight budget and a busy schedule, we’d like to jump in and tell you that burning calories does not necessarily mean having to pay for a pricey membership at your health club. What if we told you that you can drop a few pounds without spending any extra money and get to enjoy a cleaner, more relaxing home?

Not many would equate housework with fat burning, but when it comes right down to it, all that moving about and carrying stuff around can vaporize those love handles you’ve been trying to conceal under a loose top. Doing house chores as exercise can be a win-win solution not just for you but also for everyone else who lives with you. Learning how to lose weight doing everyday chores simply involves making a few basic changes.

  1. Give the dishwasher a rest and do it by hand. Scrubbing the grease from pots and pans adds up to about 160 calories per half hour.

    f you are worried about dishpan hands, just cover up with rubber gloves and you’ll be okay.

  2. Vacuum the whole house to burn about 180 calories per hour. Just make sure to switch the vacuum from hand to hand so both arms get equally toned.

  3. Channel your inner Cinderella and wash the floors. Using a rag and a bucket of soapy water to clean your grimy floors lets you drop an amazing 400 calories per hour—no wonder the prince thought Cinderella was a hottie! If you’ve always thought that your shoulders and arms could need some firming up, this is the chore for you.

  4. Do you have a mountain of dirty clothes tucked away in a dark corner of the house? Time to conquer that sweaty, stinky Everest once and for all. Just loading/unloading the washer and dryer nets you more than 200 calories an hour if you just choose to fold the clean clothes away. Ironing is an entirely new bonus round of calorie-burning.

  5. Climb a ladder with a squeegee in hand and get all those windows clean from both the inside and out. A house with sparkling glass surfaces just looks more cheerful and spacious because of all that natural light that can finally get in. Wiping down the windows burns you approximately 250 calories an hour. It’s a chore that can be a bummer to start, but trust us, once you’ve found your groove, cleaning windows can be so strangely fulfilling that you’ll be looking for more glass surfaces to clean.

The tips on how to lose weight doing everyday chores around the home makes it clear that you don’t even have to get out of the house to get more fit. Just a few hours’ worth of vacuuming and washing the floors can already beat going to that early morning yoga class that you’re often late to anyway. Not surprisingly, most of these chores tend to focus more on upper body toning. Just be mindful about using both dominant and non-dominant hands equally. If you’d like to add more sizzle to the burn (sorry for the bad pun), you can try strapping on some ankle weights as you move around the house. Play some upbeat workout-friendly music as you clean your house to get your energy pumping, and feel free to bust a few choice dance moves as you go.


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