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How to Lose Weight Fast with Laxatives

How to Lose Weight Fast with Laxatives

If you’re in a rush to lose weight for an upcoming event, a trip to the beach, or simply so you can wear those sizzling hot pair of pants again, the tips below on how to lose weight fast with laxatives may be able to help you. For a number of people, dieting does not seem to work. No matter what diet they try, they still end up gaining more weight with every meal. In this case, you could consider using laxatives.

Some laxatives work to irritate the large intestine so that defecation occurs more easily. Others act by swelling and taking up water in the gastrointestinal tract (GIT), thus adding bulk to the stomach contents and giving you a feeling of fullness. Still, other laxatives work by lubricating the colon walls to allow easier passage of feces during a bowel movement. Certain diet pills and teas often contain any of these laxative types. Though laxatives have a bad reputation due to abuse by dieters and are not a sustainable long-term method for losing weight, taking certain types for fewer than five days can work to help you lose weight fast, though just temporarily.

  1. Make sure you are properly hydrated.

    Drink enough water to prevent dehydration, since taking laxatives can cause significant fluid loss in your system.

  2. Eat healthy. Eat foods rich in fiber, like vegetables and fruits. Cutting back on fats and meats will also help you get optimal results. See to it that you avoid high-sugar food like desserts, sodas and sweetened fruit juices.

  3. Take a laxative before every meal. Just make sure that you are near a toilet or can easily access one in case you may need to go number two.

  4. Choose safer laxatives. Some laxatives may be harmful in more frequent doses since they may excessively irritate the gastrointestinal lining and can even harm some nerves in the area. Laxatives that are bulk-forming, such as psyllium and methylcellulose, are much safer to use and are less likely to harm the GIT. Attracting water and fluids upon contact, they promote a bowel movement when they reach the stomach and small intestines. They then swell in the intestines and soften the stool, creating a bulk that stimulates the need to defecate.

  5. Try natural laxatives. Some plant substances, like prunes, are said to be effective laxatives. Certain foods, like legumes and beans, can help make your bowel movement more frequent, thereby providing you with nutrients and at the same time helping you go more often.

Remember that taking laxatives has its drawbacks. Side effects from excessive laxative use include painful stomach cramps, bloating, nausea, dizziness and severe loss of electrolytes. Also, you always have to make sure that a bathroom is nearby. Moreover, laxatives might aggravate certain illness or interfere with medications. In such cases, laxative use may be a big no-no. Additionally, women who are pregnant and with polycystic ovarian syndrome cannot take laxatives. Keep in mind that when following this guide on how to lose weight fast with laxatives, you should not compromise your health or abuse these drugs. Please seek your doctor’s advice before you start weight loss program with laxatives.


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