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How to Lose Weight Quick by Eating Eggs and Sausage

How to Lose Weight Quick by Eating Eggs and Sausage

Trying to lose weight but discouraged because none of those popular diets worked? Couldn’t stick to a diet because all those veggies were too green for you? Well, here’s great news from the dieting game: You can eat two tasty foods that aren’t green and effectively lose weight while you’re at it. Simply try a diet of eggs and sausage. To learn how these two foods can help you shed some pounds, check out this guide on how to lose weight quick by eating eggs and sausage.

  1. Eat eggs and sausage for breakfast. Forget high-carb breakfasts like cereals and toast. Start your day instead with a protein-rich meal of eggs and sausage. According to a study with obese women as participants, those who started their day with a high-protein breakfast felt fuller right away. Aside from this, they were also less likely to eat snacks in between meals and were better able to resist sugary treats. A protein-rich breakfast allows better glucose control throughout the day, with the effects lasting as long as until evening. This may be the answer to curbing your sugar cravings and cutting back on overindulging during your lunch hour.

  2. Choose your sausages well. Going on a diet may be boring, but the addition of sausages gives you a tasty option. There are a variety of sausages, but for the purpose of this diet, choose low fat options. Turkey sausage is the most ideal, with a good amount of protein and only 15% fat as compared to pork and beef sausages, which contain about 40% fat.

  3. Cook your eggs differently each time. To add some variety to your egg and sausage meals, vary the way you prepare the eggs. To limit your fat intake, boil or poach them to lessen any additional fat from cooking oil or other ingredients. Poached eggs, when made the right way and seasoned well, make your meal more exciting. Once in a while, you can also choose to fix some scrambled eggs. Simply use skimmed milk or plain, non-fat yogurt and just a minimal amount of non-stick cooking spray to limit the fat.

  4. Eat portions with low calorie foods like veggies. For lunch or dinner, eat sausages with other low-fat and low-carb foods. Vegetables are an ideal alternative to bread or rice, since they have fewer carbohydrates and more of the good nutrients and fiber. You could even make sausage soup with veggies, or pair it up with a mix of salad greens in season. Otherwise, consider roasted veggies and sausage recipes, which make for a flavorful meal, as long as you limit the addition of oil. Basically, the principle here is to make smart choices on which low-carb foods to combine with your sausage while knowing how to prepare them without any additional fat.

  5. Manage your portions. Of course, any diet wouldn’t be effective if you ate too much of everything. Consume the appropriate portion sizes, and skip any sugary extras, like sodas, commercially prepared fruit juices, and pastries. Also, try to eat slowly so that your brain will have more time to recognize that your stomach is full and that you’ve had enough. If you feel hungry in between meals, opt for a protein-rich, low-carb alternative like a handful of nuts.

  6. Drink a lot of water. Drink a minimum of eight glasses a day, and the more you drink, the better. A diet low in carbohydrates, such as eggs and sausage, requires more water to hydrate the body since the body gets a lot of water from breaking down carbohydrates. In addition, staying hydrated decreases the likelihood of you grabbing a soda or any of those calorie-laden drinks when you feel thirsty. Keep a water bottle handy and refill whenever necessary.

Losing weight through dieting need not be boring. Now that you know how to lose weight quick by eating eggs and sausage, it’s time to head to the supermarket and stock up!


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