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How to Lose Weight Without Losing Boobs

How to Lose Weight Without Losing Boobs

This is one tricky proposition, one that many women are interested in knowing the answers to. Considering that breasts are largely made up of fatty tissues, learning how to lose weight without losing boobs does indeed require some work, and you can slim down without your breasts shrinking.

  1. Don't lose weight drastically or you will lose chest volume.

  2. Eat small meals throughout the day to keep your metabolism going and prevent your appetite from going out of control. This will help you maintain your breast mass as you burn off excess fat in other areas of your body. You can divide the typical three meals into five small ones. Each meal should consist of healthy food options, such as vegetables, lean meats, whole grains, fruits, and legumes.

  3. Build up your pectoral muscles, which are located under the breasts. These muscles are actually classified as major and minor. You need to develop both types so they bulk up and give your boobs the much-needed boost, even as you start shedding off the pounds.

    One way to do that is doing push-ups and planks, as well as bench presses and dumbbell flies.

  4. To do dumbbell flies, lie on a flat surface or a stable and secure bench. Your arms should lay straight out and make you appear as if you're forming a cross on the floor. Hold 4 to 6-pound dumbbells in each hand; lift the weights until they are above and in line with your face. You should engage your pectoral and abdominal muscles when you lift the weights. Start with lighter weights and work up to heavier ones gradually so you don't over exert your muscles.

  5. You can use gym equipment to help build up your pectorals, especially if you are a beginner and need more support. Certain ones target the chest area. Just make sure that you use various machines so you hit all the crucial areas.

  6. You can also do these lunges: With a 1 to 2-pound medicine ball in both hands, lunge forward and stretch your arms out so you're holding the ball in front of your chest while doing the lunge. See to it that your knees are bent at right angles and do not bend past your toes. Raise yourself back to a standing position and repeat this lunge 9 more times.

  7. You can also work out with a friend and throw the ball to each other. Do 10 repetitions. Rest and repeat the set two more times.

  8. Don't cut out carbohydrates completely from your diet. Otherwise, you will lose water and fat, which means you could lose breast volume as well. However, stay away from sweets and high-calorie foods that have very little or no nutritional value. Go for complex carbs and foods rich in fiber.

  9. Work on your posture so you avoid slouching, which does your chest no favors. You can engage in yoga, Pilates, or strengthening exercises to boost your core or abdominal strength and help you develop a good habit of naturally maintaining the correct posture.

  10. Make sure you have adequate breast support while exercising so that you keep the ligaments of your breasts from stretching and sagging. Wear supportive sports bras that fit you.

If you do lose weight and breast mass, use cleavage-boosting bras to give you the volume you desire. This is one alternative to figuring out how to lose weight without losing boobs.


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