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how to love a black man

how to love a black man

Racial discrimination has affected the dating preferences of black men. Even their very own black women have less appreciation for their existence. This does not apply to all black women, however, because many of them are still behind their men. How to love a black man will need some assurance from you that you indeed believe in your man. Your high regard for your man whether he is black or white will motivate him further to become a better person. There’s a great possibility that your love for a black man can lead to a true and valuable love because, despite the historical reputation of black men, you are more interested with the real him than his ancestral myths. Here are some suggestions to guide you through loving your black man:

  1. Society has changed a lot these days, but there are some opportunities that are still not open for black men especially in the job front. When your man is discouraged with his work, it helps when you positively react than blame him for his incompetence. Remind him that his bad experience is temporary and that good things are yet to happen as long as he continues to be determined in whatever he’s doing.

    he man is only as good as the woman he’s with.

  2. Your black man will need your utmost support. Be his strength during his down moments. Energize him by your understanding and faith that he will find a way for all the troubles affecting your relationship. Give him the confidence that whatever happens, he’s still the strong man, and you will always be right beside him to support his every step in solving problems. Be his right hand and not his competitor.

  3. Let him shine for all his achievements. You surely have some important contributions to make, but it will be good for his ego knowing that he is recognized for all his hardships. Do not make major decisions without consulting him, and never take on the responsibility that is supposed to be his even if, in reality, you are more capable financially. A tough life can probably make you stronger, but make sure to retain your feminine qualities to always be good in your black man’s sight.

  4. It is normal that women are more inclined spiritually than men. Nonetheless, you are showing more love to your black man when you take the back seat. Let him lead or do the preaching by assisting him with his needs. Focus on the Bible, read and study together with him, but let him be the voice of your common faith.

  5. Loving a black man means that you are surrendering your own capabilities to him, but it does not mean that you won’t initiate anything for the progress of the union. Just make it look like it’s his initiative. He will value your contributions more if he gets the credit. You can actually take charge but report your moves regularly to him so that he will feel that you are just acting based on his advice. It’s still his call, and you are just facilitating things based on his wisdom.

How to love a black man can be a challenging effort, but it can also be very rewarding. Aside from being very passionate lovers, most black men are really devoted to their better half. If one party is tough, the other party must be the opposite for a harmonious relationship. Black men are not only aggressive-looking, but most of their qualities are increased compared to normal standards because of their constant struggle to disprove that black men are no good.


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