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how to lower LDL cholesterol without medication

how to lower LDL cholesterol without medication

Excessive LDL cholesterol will take a toll on your body. There are two kinds of cholesterol, the good and the bad. The LDL cholesterol is the bad one, which you should regulate to avoid further health side effects. Read on below to discover different approaches on how to lower LDL cholesterol without medication. Cholesterol has a purpose in the body. It is one component that helps in producing cell membranes and hormones. However, when the body receives too much bad cholesterol, problems set in. Illustratively, the High-Density Lipoprotein (HDL) is the good cholesterol, while the Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL) is the dreadful cholesterol. LDL cholesterol comes from saturated fats and processed foods. Eventually, LDL can block the arteries and blood vessels, affecting the distribution of blood from the heart and into all other vital areas in the body. Once you know you have high LDL cholesterol levels, the following approaches can help you reduce it without taking expensive medication, not to mention the harmful side effects of commercial medicines.

  1. Submit to laboratory test.

    Laboratory results will not lie. They are conclusive evidence of the health problems in your body’s chemistry. Once you know the results, you may feel more motivated to improve your health. Your laboratory results will help you formulate a balanced diet that eliminates unhealthy snacks.

  2. Change of diet. The way you change your diet will play a key role in lowering your LDL cholesterol level. If you are not mindful with what you are eating, you will continually accumulate excessive amounts of cholesterol your body can no longer handle.

    You cannot just simply aim for a LDL cholesterol-free diet. Your diet plan must be a good mix of everything -- a balanced diet. More importantly, always incorporate a wide variety of healthy items to your meal plans. Your daily menu should be something to look forward to everyday.

  3. Lose weight through exercise. Obesity is an indication of excessive LDL cholesterol in the body. If you want to cut down your LDL cholesterol, losing weight is another viable option. You do not have to burn yourself out. Go to bed early and wake up early. Start your day with a brisk walk. You may also do some light jogging. Report to the gym and work out at least three times a week. Always have a day of rest after a day’s work out. Also, keep yourself well hydrated.

    Lose weight through exercise and not by using slimming pills. Diet pills may have future side effects.

  4. Eat fibrous foods. Maintaining a fibrous diet will boost your metabolism and promote good digestion. Good digestion boosts your metabolism, and a boosted metabolism helps flush unwanted toxins from the body. In your diet plan, make sure you have incorporated fibrous foods in every meal. A fibrous diet combined with daily exercise will help you regulate your weight.

  5. More fruits and vegetables. Cut down your red meat, refined and processed foods intake. Avoid consuming foods that have high concentration of saturated fats and trans fats. Concentrate more on fresh fruits and vegetables rich in fiber and anti-oxidants.

To have a healthier body, you need to achieve higher levels of HDL, not LDL. You can increase your HDL by indulging in fresh foods and regular exercise. Increased levels of HDL will reduce your risk of heart disease. The steps above are your simple guide on how to lower LDL cholesterol without medication. Keep yourself fit and prime and be free of bad cholesterol. Live healthy.


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