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how to lower my cholesterol naturally

how to lower my cholesterol naturally

Are you confronting problems caused by increased higher cholesterol levels? If so, then this article is just right for you.  Here are several tips on how to lower my cholesterol naturally that will work for you too. Individuals struggling with bad cholesterol (also called Low-Density Lipoprotein or LDL) are mostly tempted to turn to western medicine. Medical doctors who advocate the use of commercial medication tend to prompt this reaction. Natural methods of regulating LDL cholesterol levels are the recent trend. There are even all-natural herb supplements proven effective in trimming down cholesterol levels. Nature is the primary giver of man’s daily sustenance, thus, if we contract illnesses and abnormalities, it is only proper to search for the most natural solutions. Here are the steps that will aid in lowering your bad cholesterol level.

  1. Have your blood chemistry analyzed in the laboratory. The very first step is to submit a sample of your blood. By the time you have the laboratory results in your hand, revealing excessive LDL cholesterol levels, you should feel motivated to develop a healthier lifestyle.


  2. Research about cholesterol. It is wise to research what cholesterol is and how it works. Search specifically on how to lower rising LDL cholesterol levels. Your research will probably yield tips on diet, exercise and other ways to live a healthier lifestyle, relieving you of your cholesterol problem.

  3. Change your lifestyle. Lifestyle changes can save your life from the effects of high LDL cholesterol levels. Smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages and eating too much meat can contribute to your bad cholesterol levels. You can take a 180-degree turn on this kind of lifestyle by gradually quitting smoking and drinking and by adapting a well-balanced diet; you can lower your LDL cholesterol levels naturally.

  4. Exercise. Obesity will shorten your lifespan. Excess weight leads to various health problems, including high blood pressure and cholesterol. The best way to combat excess weight gain is by exercising. When combined with a healthy diet, exercise is an effective tool in regulating high LDL cholesterol levels.

    Daily brisk walking for about 15 to 20 minutes is good start. Continue this routine for seven days. In the following days, gradually increase your exercise by jogging until your body is accustomed to physical activity.

  5. Have well-balanced diet. Cholesterol is naturally occurring in the body. Its rise and fall is triggered by what you eat and the kind of lifestyle you live. It is not necessarily healthier to undertake a cholesterol-free diet, but rather your diet plan must be balanced. Remember that cholesterol has a role to play in the body.

    Eat beans and root crops. Beans such as chickpeas, kidney, navy and pinto are good sources of soluble fibers. Such fibers help in reducing high LDL cholesterol levels. Incorporate these beans into your diet at least four times every week. Likewise, root crops, which are rich in fiber, can reduce LDL levels. They can substitute refined and processed foods and snacks.

  6. Consume foods that are rich in Omega 3. Foods that have a higher content of Omega 3 are good for the heart and reduce cholesterol build up in the blood passageway. Mackerels, tuna, salmon and other kinds of seafood are good sources of Omega 3. Having these kinds of foods in your diet can greatly aid in lowering your LDL cholesterol levels.

  7. Eat vegetables and fruits. Cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli contain indoles. This element is known to help in breaking down LDL cholesterol in the blood. Fibrous vegetables and fruits should not be absent in your daily diet plan. They can speed up the process of restoring your body to a healthy natural state.

  8. Use margarines that are enriched with plant steroids and friendly oils. Instead of using regular butter and cooking oil in your daily cooking chores, use margarines that contain plant steroids. You can also use olive, corn or palm oil. These products will cut down bad cholesterol levels.

  9. Choose brown rice, whole grains, oat brands and cereals. These foods reduce LDL levels. Consuming pure wheat bread, brown rice and indulging more of whole grain diet are good ways to trimming your weight.

“You are what you eat,” they said. The foods that you eat play a big role in making or breaking your health condition. Your high LDL cholesterol level is primarily due to your indiscriminate food consumption without regard to its negative consequences. However, it is not too late to develop a healthy diet. Refer to the above steps when you’re wondering how to lower cholesterol naturally.


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