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how to lower potassium levels

how to lower potassium levels

Potassium is important to the body, but too much of it could also be dangerous. Loss of muscle strength and the occurrence of kidney troubles are common manifestations. Heart failures are also ill effects of high potassium levels. Learning how to lower potassium levels is not normally required for healthy individuals. Body mechanisms that are functioning properly will take care of potassium regulation in the body. People with underlying conditions, such as diabetes, may need some supplements like beta-carotenes. However, this is not the only remedy. You can influence your amount of potassium consumption, degree of excretion and its manner of body distribution to avoid Hyperkalemia – or the life-threatening condition caused by high levels of potassium. Here are the proven ways to control potassium in the body:

  1. Calcium can lower the levels of potassium. With this in mind, instead of depriving yourself of your normal intake, add some calcium-rich foods into your regular diet. A glass of milk in the morning and before going to bed and some yoghurt snacks in between meals will make a lot of difference.


  2. If you have the guts to take a clove of fresh garlic, then do so. This will have an immediate effect on your potassium level.

  3. The universal healer – water will again not fail you in addressing your high level of potassium. As an antioxidant, it will detoxify toxins in the body. Instead of resorting to caffeinated drinks, why not drink more water on top of your regular daily consumption? It has no side-effects.

  4. If you are fond of eating bananas or other potassium sources, lessen your intake of these kinds of fruits. Substitute them with berries, lemon and peaches. This will balance the regulation of potassium within.

  5. We all know that too much rinsing and extended vegetable cooking can make their nutrients disappear. This is called leaching – wherein cutting and peeling vegetables extensively then soaking them in boiled water before cooking can reduce potassium contents.

  6. The body that is immobile is more prone to many diseases. Laziness cannot help in lowering potassium. Internal organs can function well when they are enhanced by specific movements or exercise. No strenuous exercise is needed, but 30 minutes of physical activities of your choice per day will have a great impact on your general health.

  7. Be conscious of what you’re going to put in your mouth. Know that whole grains, peanut butter and potatoes are high in potassium. Alternate them with equally nutritious foods with less potassium contents, like pasta and cooked carrots. Perform dietary research for the foods you have in mind.

Dysfunctions in the lower kidney affect the natural bodily regulations of electrolytes internally – with potassium being one of the nutrients that must be regulated to benefit the body. Proper excretion is normally done by the kidney, but if it fails to function, the potassium will end up joining the blood streams. The trouble will begin when a high level of potassium is detected in the blood or when unexplained weakness occurs. Learning how to lower potassium levels is just a matter of common sense and self-discipline. It always pays to read the labels of each food product prior to making a purchase. Log your potassium intake if necessary based on the nutritional labels. Uniform the sizes of your food intake to make sure that you have a balanced supply of nutrients. Try not to overeat because anything in excess can be harmful.


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