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how to lower your triglycerides with diet

how to lower your triglycerides with diet

Does your doctor require that you adjust your lifestyle and learn how to lower your triglycerides with diet? If so, you have a challenge that is by no means insurmountable. It’s ideal to control your cholesterol as a preventive measure. However, when your doctor tells you to do it not as an option but as a necessity, then you should definitely make adjustments accordingly. It is hard to change habits that have been forged over a lifetime, but it is possible. The changes may be minor and not as hard as you think. Triglycerides are fats in our blood brought there by the food we eat. Elevated triglyceride levels in the body increase the risk of heart disease and stroke, which is why they must be controlled. Here’s how to lower your triglycerides with diet.

  1. Watch your intake of sugars, alcohol, carbohydrates, starchy foods, and refined grains as these contribute significantly to high levels of triglycerides. Most of us think that since triglycerides are fat, then lowering our fat intake will lower triglycerides.

    ut the main trigger of triglyceride levels is sugar. Simple sugars and natural sugars are both culprits. Simple sugars are commonly found in foods such as: table sugar, candies, syrups, jams, jellies, desserts, soda, juice, etc. Natural sugars are in honey, molasses, canned fruits in heavy syrup, sweet fruit, etc. The body converts refined carbohydrates, starchy foods (potatoes, yams, etc.) and refined grains (white bread, pasta, rice, etc.) to sugar which must be monitored also. Alcohol contains a high quantity of sugar and must be cut back drastically or eliminated from the diet altogether.

  2. Choose the kind of fat you eat and eliminate trans fats from your diet. Eat fish high in omega 3 at least three times a week. Salmon, mackerel and other cold-water fish are natural sources of good cholesterol and can help to significantly lower your triglycerides. If you must use fat for cooking, switch to monounsaturated fats, such as; olive, peanut, and canola oils. Stay away from fried foods and other foods high in trans fats, especially junk food, commercial baked goods, etc.

  3. Reduce your calories and intake. The body converts excess calories into triglycerides which are then stored as fat. When you have more calories in your body than you use, it will increase your triglyceride level as well.

  4. Choose what you eat. Eat more of high-fiber foods, vegetables, high protein foods, and healthy carbohydrates.

  5. Space your meals evenly; do not skip meals, and avoid too much snacking. The goal is to keep your blood sugar under control. Going hungry will lower your blood sugar levels and make you tend to over-compensate by eating too much at the next meal, or by making you crave for sweets. Eating evenly spaced meals will keep you less inclined to binge on snacks and unhealthy foods. Excessive snacking, especially at night, will raise your weight and trigger a rise in triglyceride levels.

  6. Exercise regularly and lose weight. Try to keep a regular regimen of at least 30 minutes daily physical activity that makes you sweat. Regular exercise helps keep good cholesterol up and bad cholesterol and triglycerides down. Lowering your weight to the desired level for your age and body type can also help lower triglycerides.

Although medications for lowering triglycerides are available, they do have serious side effects. For this reason, the American Heart Association recommends that medications be taken only as a last resort after all other natural means of lowering triglycerides have been done. If you need to take it, however, be careful to take it as prescribed by your doctor.  Keep in mind that medication helps, but lifestyle habits make a significant impact on your triglyceride levels, too. This is why you must do your best to cut your risk of stroke and cardiac attack by keeping healthy lifestyle habits. Follow these steps on how to lower your triglyceride levels with diet.


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