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how to maintain a car

how to maintain a car

An engine is built to last long, and its long life depends on whether the owner knows how to maintain a car. Car maintenance should not be taken for granted. As the years go by, your vehicle will eventually ask for a payback. It is all about the principle of wear and tear. In order to make the normal wear and tear minimal as time goes on, car maintenance becomes relevant and indispensable. Either your car is new or already used up, maintaining the same is a must. Below are few useful tips that can help you with how to effectively maintain your car. Following the same would surely make your car comfortable and reliable while on the road.

  1. Check the oil and the water levels. On a regular basis and right before you hit the road on a long journey, the engine oil levels must be checked to make sure that there will be no oil leaks, and that the oil levels are still within the volume prescribed by the manufacturer. The same holds true with the water levels in the radiator. The engine oil and the water level are necessary for engine lubrication and the cooling system.

    Absence of these two elements would lead to the engine overheating and eventually, the death of the engine becomes imminent.

    Check also the gear oil. The gear oil can be found in the transmission assembly, the same area where the gears are situated. The gears must be properly lubricated to withstand the pressure and friction created while the car is on the run.

  2. Check the brakes. Check the brake assembly for possible leaks, and the brake fluids before you go on long distance driving. Checking the brakes can be done when the car is engaged in first gear. Accelerate and step on the brakes, and then identify whether it can hold the tires simultaneously as you step on the brake pedal.

    The brake assembly line should also be checked for possible leaks. Whatever leak in your engine can easily be recognized when you see traces of oil, fluid, or water drops on the floor of your garage. If you do see any, then there must be something wrong. Have a mechanic check it immediately. The brake fluids must be properly monitored. They are the ones responsible in making your brake system perform effectively

  3. Check the tires. Checking the tires for possible wear and tear should be done on a monthly basis depending on the kind of tires you have, and how frequent you drive your car. If you drive your car daily on rough road conditions, then your tires should be changed once the wear becomes apparent or as soon as they start to skid during start up acceleration.

    Make sure that the tires are well-balanced and properly inflated. Worn out tires can cause imbalance. In other words, the car becomes very unstable and shaky, which is very dangerous.

    Proper tire inflation is also necessary because a bloated tire cannot properly absorb the shock of travelling on rough roads, making the suspension of your car work harder. In effect, the passengers will feel discomfort as the trip progresses.

    Part of tire maintenance is the wheel alignment and the wheel bearings. A mechanic should check fix the wheel alignment. Wheels that are not properly aligned can cause irregular wear and tear on the tires and can contribute to the instability of the car while on the move.

  4. Check the spark plugs, the belts on the alternator, and the radiator. In a combustion engine powered by gasoline, spark plugs are responsible for igniting the highly volatile air and fuel mixture that gets inside the cylinders. If there is no combustion, there can be no transmission of power to the entire power drive system mechanism.

    The timing belts on the alternator perform a vital role in terms of the fuel supply in the engine cylinders. They must be checked to see whether the slack is still within the tolerance prescribed.

    The fan belt in the radiator also performs a significant function in cooling the water that circulates in order to act as coolant in the engine block. Lack of a cooling system can cause engine overheat.

All of the items enumerated above on how to maintain a car can ensure your safety while you are on the road, either for a short trip or a long journey. Follow and perform them regularly, and your car will be as good as new. Happy driving!    


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