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How to Maintain a Salt Water Fish Tank

How to Maintain a Salt Water Fish Tank

When you have a saltwater fish tank, it is mandatory for you to maintain it.  The salinity and gravity of the water needs to be checked at all times.  Cleanliness should be observed, and the balance of aquatic life should also be kept in perfect balance. This requires your patience and hard work, so know how to maintain a saltwater fish tank before you start the project. Here are guidelines that can help you:

  1. Check your tank every day. Make this a regular habit. If one fish is dead, take it out immediately. It will rot inside your tank if you delay taking it out.  Observe the movement of each fish and see if it is sick. Test the temperature; it should be between 73 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit.

  2. Feed your fish once or twice a day. Do not put in too many food flakes at a time as this will just make the water cloudy. Provide different varieties of fish foods. Even a fish prefers to have some changes in its daily intake, just like any other pet.  Include a janitor fish inside your fish tank to help out in the cleaning process - but this is not a must.

  3. Water tends to evaporate, so check the level of the water in your tank regularly.  If it decreased, add de-chlorinated water only. Add in calcium and iodine to the water at least twice a week. Always keep de-chlorinated water and salt mix handy in case of an emergency water change.

  4. Remove the algae formations from the sides of your tank weekly.  These make your tank look dirty. Just scrape them off.

  5. Take out about 10 to 15 percent of your tank water and replace it with de-chlorinated water. Replace the water more than once a month. Take out 25 percent of the water and check the alkalinity and salinity of the water every time with a hydrometer. Add salt mix as needed. Alkalinity can be checked using strip pads that can be purchased from your local pet supplies store.

  6. Check the filter pads regularly.  Clean or replace them when needed. Assess your tank and proceed with a total water change if you think it is necessary. Take out all the fish and put it in a bucket of de-chlorinated water. Remove all the water in the tank and clean all the decorations. Put all the decorations back in and rearrange it if you want.  Put in water again and make all the usual tests before you add in the fish.

  7. With every water change, siphon the debris from the miniature rocks. You will know if it is time for a water change when the water in your tank is no longer clear or when it begins to smell bad. Do not wait for it to become too dirty as this will may shorten your fish’s lifespan.

It is essential to know how to maintain a saltwater fish tank if you have one. The life of your fish depends on the efforts you exert in maintenance. If you do not have the time or motivation to do this, then do not even attempt to start it as it will just be a failure.  Treat your fish like any house pet; it is very dependent on you for its survival. Careful monitoring is the key to a successful aquarium.  Truly, you will be proud to show it off to your friends and relatives when they happen to visit your home.


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