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how to maintain discipline in the classroom

how to maintain discipline in the classroom

Schools are considered the second home for students, teachers, and administrators. Despite having a conducive place for learning, it is also important to master the art on how to maintain discipline in the classroom. Many professionals in the education sector are natural disciplinarians. Some can do it without much effort while others have to learn it. Common steps are noted to make it work for both the teachers and the students. This would, however, give ideas to the teachers on the kind of techniques applicable to contain students with different personalities. Young minds will be easier to mold. Good examples will be imitated. You can talk as much as you want, but at the end of the day, you’ll be exhausted and still a failure in disciplining children. Establishing your authority from the very beginning will make your job easier. Adding some values in it will be superb. Respected teachers always find their classrooms in an orderly manner every time they enter them.

  1. Observe all the rules and regulations imposed by the establishment.

    You won’t be a good leader if you are not a good follower. This is also a clear ultimatum for the children that the law can’t be compromised. Protecting students from the disciplinary actions set by the school for the corresponding offenses is not at all helpful for the students in the long run. They will be harder to deal with when they know that they can get away with doing wrong.

  2. Set up a system in your classroom to enhance discipline even if you are not around. You can appoint leaders in a rotating basis to be your eyes and ears. Displaying a list of responsible individuals who will be backing you up in your quest to discipline the classroom will not only put the students in close watch, but they also can take pride when they are appointed as one of the leaders. This will serve as leadership training for them in preparation for their life after school.

  3. Remind students what is expected of them in terms of discipline. You can post the rules on the bulletin board of the classroom or distribute some leaflets so that they can go home and internalize what is written in the policy sheets. You can also let them sign up for acknowledgement. This will give them the impression that you are serious in your actions, and they won’t dare trying it out. There will be no discussions needed when they do something that is against the policy. You can just refer back to the guidelines set for the next steps.

  4. Do not be too emotional when disciplining children. Being calm while sorting out an incident will not trigger any more negative actions. Your manners will speak a lot about you, and you will even be loved if you are just in your judgments.

  5. Equip yourself with solid proof when communicating with parents. Major problems can be avoided when you seek the assistance of the parents at an early stage. List all incidents pointing to their child’s lack of discipline and talk it out with them.

  6. Never humiliate a child in public. Respect begets respect. Children are curious, and they are prone to committing mistakes. You can teach them well by being proactive and not reactive. Offer words of comfort and understanding before you explain the consequences of their actions.

A teacher can be a good disciplinarian without having a fierce image. There are ways on how to maintain discipline in the classroom that would obviously catch not only the students’ attention but also their hearts.


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