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how to make a baby quilt

how to make a baby quilt

Sentimental people always keep their baby quilt all throughout adulthood. Some even pass it down to the next generation. If you are a mother who wishes to make this treasured piece by yourself, learn how to make a baby quilt. You will have plenty of help nowadays. You do not have to sew the quilt from scratch. There are ready-made panels that you can just stitch together or attach some knit designs for a faster result. Just follow these tips and you’ll have that baby quilt very soon!

  1. Buy a ready-made baby quilt panel. Match the colors, themes, and characters of the panel with the concept or design in mind. If the borders are done or stitched with the binding tape already, take note of the color. This will remain visible if you choose to decorate the inside part of the panel only. Choose darker shades for the edges. Get your sewing kit ready with the right needles and thread, and don’t forget the binding tape.

  2. Follow the washing instructions indicated on the bolt of cloth.

    hoose fabrics that can be washed manually or machine washed if you intend to use the quilt regularly and not for decoration only. Low-loft fabrics are good for baby quilts. They have a smooth and puffy texture and are easy to maintain. You can inquire from baby supply stores on the actual kind of fabrics suitable for the three layers of your quilt if you wish to go in this direction.

  3. Attach the binding tape to the panel by measuring the length and width first. Pin this to the edges in an overlapping manner. Hide the end by folding it inside the opening before sewing it closed. Measuring the length well means that you won’t be hiding a bulk of material at one corner of the quilt. You will need another set of materials if you plan to have double or triple-border designs.

  4. Sew by hand or machine the complete binding or the whole quilt pattern. A simple straight stitch will do to attach it to the panel. If you are making your own quilt design using block patterns, you may assemble all the pieces together to form the desired look. They will be arranged in such a way that they will form one look. Sew one block to the other until they become one piece then attach it to the panel as usual. You can display your stitching talent here by incorporating elaborate designs.

Handmade quilts are created to enjoy. Fabric selections will be special. Designs will be inspiring. All aspects are made beautifully for the lovable, little child. You can only do your best in making this symbolic piece of art. That’s why there’s a wide selection of pre-tailored patterns because quilt makers understand the needs of mothers in doing this on their own whether they are beginners, intermediate, or expert sewers. You just have to be honest on what are you capable of doing. You must also decide if you are ready to do the layering of the quilt. This means that you will be sewing together the backing, batting, and the top quilt. This will not only give warmth to your baby during cold seasons, but they will be nicer as well. You can square up a quilt or make a sandwich quilt, but the basic steps on how to make a baby quilt must be followed. This will ensure that the quilt will be firmer, stronger, and still be attractive after so many years.


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