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How to make a beaded bracelet

How to make a beaded bracelet

People looking for accessories with a multi-purpose use always end their search once they’ve discovered the diversity of beads. How to make a beaded bracelet is one of the things that you can do with them. Beads have their own characteristics depending on how you design them. This will complement the personality of the person wearing that particular bracelet. There are already many bead creations available in fashion shops, but if you want to be unique, design them your way. Beaded jewelry making is not for everybody, but many creative people with the fashion sense will definitely not let this opportunity become a diversion. Oftentimes, they find the project very enjoyable as they try to spend the creative efforts designing their creations. If you end up selling your items and get positive responses from them, beaded bracelets will surely complete your jewelry line. To start, follow these steps to make beaded bracelets:

  1. Get the standard measurements for both the wrist and the ankle which is usually approximately seven inches.

    Allow the length to be a little longer to be flexible if you are not using an elastic thread for the bracelet.

  2. The components of the bracelet will establish the characteristic of the jewelry. Lay the options out considering the sizes and choosing the shapes that match the outline in mind. Play around with what you have sorted out creatively.

  3. Search for tailored accessories for the bracelets like clasps and bead tips. The clasp can be attached only to secure the bracelet in place through the tips at the ends of each bracelet thread or line.

  4. Based on the collected beads and equipment, plan the design of the bracelet. Do not be overwhelmed with the varied components in place. Be selective according to the concept or purpose of the bracelet. Bracelets for daily use will be much simpler compared to bracelets for special occasions.

  5. Make a knot as a stopper at one end of the thread. Make sure that the end is well-trimmed by scissors to make it look neat.

  6. Insert the open thread at one hole of the bead tip all throughout the knotted end. Make sure that the knot on the other end is secured firmly through the hole of the bead tip.

  7. Apply some glue on the knot just enough to cover the knot. Close the bead tip covering the knot when the glue is dry. Long nose pliers will help make this task more comfortable.

  8. One by one, following the outline or design you already made for the design earlier. Insert the beads and let them settle at the farthest part of the thread where the end is being knotted.

  9. View the set-up occasionally as you are entering the beads to make sure that the end result is actually what you want to achieve. Once the intended construction is completed, secure the bracelet by making a loose knot and insert a pin through the knot before you tighten it. Drag the pin to push against the last components and then release it at the end to allow the knot to tighten. Eliminate the extra thread by using the pliers. The bead tip must be closed at this point.

  10. Lastly, attach the first bead tip to the one side of the clasp. Let the ring be fastened to the clasp so that both ends will be connected. Do the same to the other end.

How to make a beaded bracelet is a very straightforward process. Try to purchase materials that you find attractive, and see if those items will tempt you into making your own bracelets made of beads.


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