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how to make a beaded lanyard

how to make a beaded lanyard

Lanyards are those cords or ropes attached to items that will protect them from getting lost or will make them more handy. Seniors are fond of wearing them with their eyeglasses. They give people-on-the-go the peace of mind that they will always find their car keys in their pockets. How to make a beaded lanyard differs according to its usage. Personalized badges, fashionable cell phone containers, or ID tags will never look this good without the beaded lanyard. A beaded lanyard does not have to be very feminine. Military officers even wear them too. It’s just a matter of designing them, and the choice of bead shapes and colors will make a difference also. No matter where you wear them, the right fashion will not be compromised if you have sets of lanyards that match the material of your clothing. You can make some that can be worn around the neck or waistline. Lanyards around the wrist or arm will look nicer with your choice of beads. You can make them this way:

  1. Fold a strand of beading wire following the measurement of the part where you intend to wear it.

    Insert the ends of the folded beading wire through the key ring.

  2. Strengthen both ends by holding them and by pulling the other folded end at the same time. One side of the lanyard is from the folded part up to the first end. You can cut the folded part to integrate a design on the opposite side of the key ring in the lanyard later.

  3. Loop one end of the beading wire through a crimp bead and leave enough for the tail. Insert the other end forming a loop.

  4. The crimp head must be one quarter of an inch away from the key ring. Lock the crimp bead with the needle nose pliers.

  5. Hide the crimp bead by pinning the crimp head towards it with the use of the pliers.

  6. Attach the decorative beads to the beading wire. Adjust the measurements according to the beading wire set-up made. This is normally six inches for a lanyard worn around the neck.

  7. Add some filler beads into the beading wire. This could be eight and one-half inches of seed-like beads.

  8. Take out one of the sides of the beading wire from the crimp head and insert the magnetic clasp. Once it’s in place, return the beading wire back to the crimp head.

  9. Pull the loop comfortably to make it firmer and smaller. Adjust the crimp head based on the decreased loop size with needle nose pliers, then cover with the bead cover.

  10. Eliminate any unnecessary extension of the beading wire and do all the steps for the other side of the lanyard. Do not forget to add the magnetic ends.

  11. Choices of ready-made lanyards can be found in many supply outlets. Prices vary depending on the materials used. Metallic beads, jeweled, or shining crystals may cost more, but there are also alternatives according to your budget. Sometimes, simple lanyards are even more expensive especially when a complicated process is involved when making them. You will understand more about lanyard pricing if you are already knowledgeable about making them.

How to make a beaded lanyard might be necessary when you cannot find the right designs to match your wardrobe. Some people even request their dressmakers or tailor shops to make a matching lanyard with the dresses that they are making using some materials from the clothing. A cell phone lanyard and identification badges can be done this way.


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