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How to Make a Beaded Necklace

How to Make a Beaded Necklace

Beaded necklaces are beautiful jewelry pieces that you can, fortunately, create at home. Although the construction might seem intimidating at first, it is actually relatively easy to make a beaded necklace, given the right materials. Moreover, the materials used in making a beaded necklace are inexpensive and can be found in any craft store. If you want to make your own, here are the steps for how to make a beaded necklace:

  1. Gather all the materials you need. These are as follows:

    Many beads of various materials, shapes, sizes, and colors

    30 inches flexible beading wire or thread

    2 crimp beads, either sterling silver or gold-filled

    1 lobster claw clasp

    2 jump rings

  2. You should also gather all the tools that you need:

    Wire cutters

    Chain nose pliers

    Tape measure

    Bead board design

  3. Determine the length of your necklace by looping the tape measure around your neck so that you can decide on a length that is comfortable for you.

    However, do not immediately cut the thread. Add four to eight inches to your desired length to make way for the clasp and stringing materials. Measure the length on the beading wire and cut it using wire cutters.

  4. Gather one jump ring, two beads, and one crimp bead to assemble one end of your necklace. Slide a small bead on the wire, followed by a crimping bead, and then another small bead. Leave a one-inch space from the end of the thread.

  5. Place the jump ring after the crimp bead, and then make a loop with the wire. String the end of the wire back through the bead, crimp, and bead and pull the loop snug, but not too tight. Use the chain nose pliers to crimp the crimp bead in place. If you are using a bead thread, you may want to apply a dot of super glue on either end to make sure the beads and crimp will not fall off. It will also prevent the bead thread from rubbing the ends of the crimp bead, which might cause the necklace to break.

  6. Use your bead board to create a design for your necklace. Since your bead board is marked with different necklace lengths on its outer border, you can lay out your beads according to your desired length.

  7. Once you are satisfied with your necklace design, string the beads onto your necklace. Make sure that you leave around 3 to 4 inches of stringing material at the end.

  8. When you have reached the end of your necklace pattern, repeat the bead-crimp-bead- jump ring pattern at the other end of the string. Follow the same procedure, forming a loop through the jump ring and stringing the end back through the bead, crimp bead, and last bead. Remember to not pull the string too tightly so that you can leave room for the beads to rotate and move along the string or wire. This will also prevent them from rubbing against the string too much, making the necklace less susceptible to tearing.

  9. Finally, use your pliers to twist (instead of pull) open one of the end jump rings and slide the lobster clasp onto it. Gently press the jump ring closed and then use wire cutters to trim any excess string or wire. Do not cut the wire too close to the crimp bead since this might break your necklace. Leave an allowance of about one inch.

If you want a prettier beaded necklace, you may also use specialty beads such as those made of stone and glass. You can buy them in specialty bead stores or several online shops. Remember to use high quality materials in making your beaded necklace if you want to sell your jewelry. Learning how to make a beaded necklace is just the first step towards making your own assortment of beaded jewelry.


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