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how to make a boat out of wood

how to make a boat out of wood

Boating in the lakes and oceans is one of the best pastime activities for many people. In fact, when a family is having a swimming party at the beach or a picnic at a lake made for tourist attractions, boating is always one of the activities of the day enjoyed by both children and parents. However, if you do not own a boat, the rent for 30 minutes of travel is really an expense proposition for the family. So why not make a boat of your own so that your kids can really enjoy boating? Even more exciting it would be as if you owned a beach house. If you have a question about how to make a boat out of wood, we will discuss the methods in this article. There are a lot of methods in building a boat out of wood, but the most common is known as stitch and glue. Here, the most common material is plywood cut according to the boat design. These sections are then stitched together using a wire. There is also the use of epoxy paste especially on the joints to make it a more solid connection. If you don’t have tools in making this small boat, you can buy them at any home building stores.

Okay, so here are the basic steps in making a small boat out of wood:

  1. Find a suitable working area. This is the first thing that you need to do. Try to find a work area which is twice the size of the boat you plan to make. This is important so that you can get good access to the boat once it is finished. In the work area’s center you set up two sawhorses.

  2. Get one piece of plywood. Place one piece of plywood on the sawhorses. Transfer the boat’s outline plan to the plywood using a marking pen. Decide which piece of plywood will be the seat piece and the bow piece.  (This section was very confusing to the editor.)

  3. Prepare the bottom piece. You need to lay the boat’s bottom piece on the sawhorses then transfer completely the outlines of the boat. Cut each piece using a jigsaw. Make sure there are two pieces; one transom piece and one bottom piece as well as one bow piece and two seat pieces.

  4. Place the bottom piece on the sawhorses. Along each side of the bottom piece, drill holes at least two inches apart using a cordless screwdriver. The holes should be one-half inch starting from the plywood’s edge. Again, drill holes along the edges of each piece of the boat connecting to the bottom piece.

  5. Cut 200 pieces of 2-inch wire using a wire cutter.  Along the bottom piece you also need to align the wooden side piece. Using the wire, you stitch together the edges of these pieces through the holes of each piece. To   strengthen it you need to twist the wires tightly using pliers. You need to continue stitching the boat’s sides until the bottom is complete.   Next you must stitch the transom. Finally, you will stitch the bow at the boat’s front. Now you can see the boat’s final appearance stitched together using the wire.

  6. Get a mixing bowl and mix the epoxy glue. Mix one quart of this kind of glue in a mixing bowl based on the directions on the container. Add sawdust until the mixture is ready. Apply the glue along the joints on the interior of the boat using a spatula. Do the same method at the bow and transom joints. The seams should be more than two inches wide. Dry the joints overnight. The boat will be rigid after the drying period.

  7. Now that you are in the final stage of building your boat, you can use the wire cutters to cut each wire stitch at the boat’s exterior. You can also remove the wire from the boat using pliers. Add additional epoxy mixed with sawdust and apply it to the boat’s exterior joints. Give it at least several hours until it hardens. The final stage is attaching the boat seats using the same epoxy mixture. Allow it to finally cure for a few hours.

Okay, so now you have your first, homemade   boat that you can use for boating at the lake that is near your house. Indeed, learning how to make a boat out of wood is not difficult. You only need to start the challenge.


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