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how to make a boutique hair bow

how to make a boutique hair bow

If you learn how to make a boutique hair bow, you can make all different kinds with various colors since making one is very affordable and easy. Make one for different occasions. A simpler one can be worn every day, and you can also make fancy ones for special occasions. There are just so many options, but here are the basic steps to making one.

  1. Start with a ribbon that is 6 x 2.5 inches.

  2. Heat the ends of the ribbon with a lighter or a candle to seal it. This will prevent the ribbon from fraying. You can also coat the ends with a clear nail polish.

  3. Fold the ribbon in half, lengthwise. Create a crease. If the crease is not that visible, lightly mark it with a pencil.

  4. Lay the ribbon horizontally on your working table. If you are not using a reversible ribbon, make sure the wrong side is facing you.

  5. Put some glue right on the crease at the center.

  6. Fold one side of the ribbon towards the glue. Press the end down firmly and hold in place for a few.

  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 for the other side. What you will have are two nice and even loops.

  8. Repeat the same procedure to glue the ends to the middle again to have a cute little bow.

Bows are very versatile. You could attach the bow to a headband, a hair clip, or a barrette. The style and size of the bow will vary depending on you. The size of your bow depends on the size of the ribbon that you use. Wider and longer ribbons will make a bigger bow. You can add also embellishments like beads or sequins. Or you could use checkered or flower prints for a fun and casual look. Try making one now by following the basic steps above on how to make a boutique hair bow.  


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