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how to make a bridal bouquet

how to make a bridal bouquet

Congratulations bride to be! Preparing for the big day can be very exciting, busy and nerve racking. This is especially true for the bride as she will be involved in most of the preparations. She must make choices concerning the ceremony, decorations and, of course, her wedding attire – everything from her hairstyle down to her shoes. Whether the wedding is a small gathering or a grand ceremony, a bride will usually have a traditional wedding bouquet. A practical individual can learn how to make a bridal bouquet through easy and affordable steps.

  1. First, decide on the type of flowers that you want in your wedding bouquet. You have to consider the motif so that the bouquet will match the rest of the ceremonial decor. A bride can choose a single color or a combination of different flowers.

  2. Once you have chosen the flowers to be included in the bouquet, buy them. Make sure that you buy fresh flowers and avoid wilted ones. You will want your bouquet to be fresh and beautiful.

  3. Once your flowers are together, lay them on your working table.

    Remove any unwanted parts, such as extra leaves, thorns and wilted parts. Use floral shears to do this.  You should also set aside flowers that don’t seem as fresh as the others.

  4. If you are a petite bride, your bouquet should also be slender. It should be proportional to the size of bride to foster a sense of consistency. With this in mind, cut the flowers using your shears to the desired lengths, adding a two-inch allowance.

  5. Choose the biggest flower or the one that you want to highlight along with three more flowers. This will serve as the base of your bouquet. Using one hand, arrange these flowers in a bunch. Once satisfied, wrap them with floral tape for security. To do this properly, wrap the tape around the upper section of the bundle then again at the bottom. Give at least two to three inches allowance from the bottom up.

  6. Add a few more stems around the base. If you are using only one kind of flower, it is easier to design; just position the flowers properly. For a bouquet that utilizes a variety of flowers, arrange them well. Try different flowers until it looks pleasing to the eyes. Once satisfied, use a floral tape again to secure the top and bottom part.

  7. Repeat these steps until you create a bunch of flowers. Make sure that you occasionally secure the flowers with tape to maintain the shape and design. Add two to four flowers at a time for a more organized and easier way to make the bouquet.

  8. If you are using fillers, such as greens or other kinds of flowers, insert them between the main flowers, alternating the position.  There are no general rules. Allow your creativity and sense of beauty to guide you through the process.

  9. You can add some other elements to the arrangement, such as crystals, beads and even feathers. Make sure that you only use them to highlight and enhance certain points. Don’t allow them to dominate the flower design.

  10. Once you are satisfied with the outcome, cut the stems to make them even at the bottom.  This will give you a cleaner outcome later. Wrap the stem with the floral tape from top to bottom to secure them all properly.  You do not need to wrap the entire bouquet, just enough to secure the stems together.

  11. Hide the floral tape by neatly wrapping a ribbon all around the bouquet. Choose a color that matches the flowers. Usually a pastel colored ribbon is best. Secure the ribbon with a pin once the floral tape is covered. And you are done!

These steps on how to make a bridal bouquet are just the basics. Use your creativity to create various designs until you find yourself with a stunning masterpiece.


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