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how to make a bumper sticker

how to make a bumper sticker

If you learn how to make a bumper sticker and are entrepreneurial enough to create a business out of it, you will not be the first one to do it. You can actually sell personalized bumper stickers. You will need to purchase bumper sticker kits that include adhesive paper strips, magnetic letters, and dry spray paints. You will need two cans of black, fast- drying paint. Bumper stickers are not just for cars. These are used to put names on private equipment like computers, iPods, and Netbooks. They can also bear warning messages like “Minor On Board” or “Tracked Device.” You can even offer made-to-order services for bumper stickers to make sure that your investment will not just be overstocked. Here are some techniques to help you with making bumper stickers:

  1. Make use of bumper sticker templates that your computer program may already have. This is to ensure that you will be designing a sticker that is within the printable area. No need to do a lot of balancing and measuring printable spaces. Make sure that your printer is adjustable to the kind of paper and size of the bumper sticker adhesive material.

    paper must fit the paper rack of the printer completely to avoid disastrous malfunctions.

  2. Construct the text and the image of the bumper sticker on your computer. Color combinations must be consistent. Rich colors will be more visible at a distance. Black prints are good for the texts. Use black, fast-drying paint to avoid the ink from smudging when writing the note by hand. This is a kind of paint that will dry very quickly.

  3. View the preview option of your computer’s program before printing. You will notice when the layout is extends beyond the template boundaries. You can reduce the size or revise the design totally to allow larger texts. Highly readable texts are a must to make the message known. This is the ultimate purpose of the bumper sticker aside from its ornamental purpose.

  4. Lengthen the span of your creations by laminating it with a clear, liquid laminate. ClearJet is a trusted laminating substance suitable for bumper stickers. The stickers will last longer if this is done on top of the weatherproofed adhesive material you’re using. You can skip this process if you plan to change bumper stickers regularly. Get rid of the remaining adhesive tracks totally before applying a new sticker. Soak the affected area with water and lightly brush with an abrasive material. This will keep your bumper sticker area functional.

  5. Opt for an on-spot plastic lamination by covering your bumper sticker with a sheet of shelf liner. This is a good alternative for liquid lamination. You just have to install it properly to get the best result. Clear the setup from air bubbles by pressing it against the surface with the attached bumper sticker. Do not stop pressing until the clear sheet looks like it becomes one with the bumper sticker. This will also prevent water from penetrating inside the bumper sticker.

How to make a bumper sticker is not hard at all. Make some for yourself and put them on display.  If other people are attracted to them, put a fair price tag on each of your creations and offer your services. This is a business that does not require a lot of investment. You just have to get the right program and printer for it in addition to the materials to make and create unique designs for your bumper stickers. No need to be stuck in an office for the whole day. You will be your own boss to work and earn the best profit possible by meeting your clients’ needs.


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