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How to Make a Candy Wrapper Purse

How to Make a Candy Wrapper Purse

Candy wrapper purses are stylish, earth-friendly, and easy to make. They are statement pieces and will match most outfits. You can learn how to make a candy wrapper purse using different techniques. One of them involves using contact paper and duct tape. This article will cover the steps for making a woven purse as it is durable and classy.

    1. Prepare the candy wrappers

      As you eat candy, tear the wrapper carefully around the seams. This will give you as much material as possible, and the wrapper pieces will be evenly shaped. There is no need to eat many bags of candy at one go to make the purse. Clean the wrappers with warm water to remove the remnants of the candy, and keep pests away. Let the wrappers dry and stack them in flat layers. You will need many wrappers. The precise quantity will be dependent on the size of each wrapper, and the size of the purse you plan to make.

      Group the wrappers into color-coded stacks. While the purse can be randomly-colored, you can take the design a step further by following a pattern based on color — red and silver stripes, for example.


    2. Make candy wrapper chains

      Take a wrapper and hold it horizontally. Fold it into four quarters lengthwise, and then open the wrapper. Take the top edge and bottom edge of the wrapper and fold them into the middle crease. Fold the middle crease so it becomes a four-layer thick wrapper. Fold the four-layer thick wrapper in half then fold the top quarter and the bottom quarter into the middle once more. Repeat with another wrapper.

      Fit the end of one folded wrapper into the slots of another folded wrapper. Repeat until you make a foot-long or longer chain. Create as many foot-long chains as you need, depending on the size of your design.

    3. Sew together to construct the purse

      Using a needle and a thin wire, a plastic fisherman string, or a thick thread like yarn, sew the rows together to form a panel. Make sure that the thread is in a matching color. Create two panels of the same number of rows so that they are of the same width. Cut the panels on the ends of the rows so that they are of the same length. Be sure to cut along the diagonal of the wrapper links so that the chains do not fall apart. Put the panels together side by side and sew the bottoms of the panels together. Also, sew the sides of one panel to the sides of the other panel. Alternatively, you can make a long panel with long rows of wrappers, and sew the ends to each other for a round purse.

      You can line the purse with a fabric in a matching color, but this is optional. Fit the fabric inside the purse and sew the ends at the mouth of the purse. This will add to the durability of the purse and keep tiny items from falling out or getting lost in the wrapper links.

      Sew a zipper in a matching color to the top of the candy wrapper purse. Alternatively, you can create a small loop on one side and sew a button to the other side for a round purse. You can also sew a wrapper chain on one side of the purse to make a strap, or two wrapper chains on both sides for handles.

As you eat candy, you will feel less guilty about cluttering the environment: You will be able to make another purse using the above tips on how to make a candy wrapper purse. The purses are fabulous as inexpensive, handmade gifts. Your girlfriends will treasure them.


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