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How To Make A Card On Microsoft Word

How To Make A Card On Microsoft Word

The Microsoft office software offers great array of office applications with many features, one of which is how to make a card on Microsoft word. You won’t need any additional software just to complete the task of making a greeting card because Microsoft Word Office has it all. If you are into the hobby of giving cards to people who are very special to you, then this is the best and cost-effective solution. With the use of your personal computer loaded with Microsoft Word Office and a printer, you can get the job done so easily. If you have Internet connection, you can also opt to send your custom-made cards by e-mail instead of printing. To learn how to make beautiful cards with Microsoft word, follow the steps below.

  1. Open Microsoft Word.

  2. Set the margins based on the card size you want.

  3. Try out various fonts, colors, sizes, and effects until you find the perfect ones to fit your design.

  4. If you want to add some graphics or pictures, you can paste images from your own files or the Internet into the document.

    You can alter the image and resize it to fit your design.

  5. On the front, write some sort of greeting appropriate to the occasion.

  6. Then, on the inside, you can expand on your thoughts.

  7. Once you are done, you are now ready to print your card or to send it via email. If you choose to send by e-mail, it would be best to make the card into a PDF file. All you need to do is simply save the file as a PDF. There will be a drop down menu when you choose to “Save as” that allows you to choose PDF.

  8. If you wish to print your card click “File” and then select “Print.” Use again the drop down box to select your printer name. Click on “Print” and just follow all the instructions of the printer on how the printing process must go on. The computer system itself will guide you on how to position your paper after every step in the printing process of your card.

Giving out a custom-made card has more sentimental value compared to a ready-made one. It will make the recipient realize that he or she is truly cherished by the sender. Aside from the fact that custom-made card has a personal touch, it is also a labor of love. There are many benefits to knowing how to make a card on Microsoft word. Apart from giving personalized cards to people you love, you can save some money on commercial cards.


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