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How to Make a Cat Litter Box

How to Make a Cat Litter Box

There’s actually no point building your cat’s litter box from scratch because there are many affordable plastic containers that can be used as they come in whatever size and shape is suitable for your pet. How to make a cat litter box can be considered when you want to make use of your spare containers and convert them into litter boxes where your cat can comfortably do its toileting activities as it ages.  Perhaps these pointers can help:

  1. Small kittens must have a litter box with low enough borders that they can easily jump into but not too low to spill out litter when they scratch through it. If you’ve been eyeing your old but usable basin, for example, but the sides are too broad for this purpose, get a very sharp cutting tool that you can use in trimming the upper part of the basin to make it more accessible for the little kittens to step into.

  2. As cats grow older and bigger, cat litter boxes must be wide enough to accommodate their stouter bodies. The borders must also be higher because their scratching will be a lot stronger than when they were kittens.

    lastic bin may be appropriate as far as the area’s circumference is concerned, but the sides or the borders will be too high. Armed with industrial scissors, you can cut the sides for the cats to access it comfortably. Start cutting from the top going down until you reach the length that is needed before cutting around the bin to eliminate the upper portion.

  3. Once you have your desired box ready, buy some cat litter from a nearby pet shop. You may choose the ordinary kind or the ones with an odor control formula. This will be more expensive, but they will be easier to manage. Do not forget to get a stool scooper so that eliminating cat feces will not be that difficult. You just have to scoop the stools and shake the scooper a bit to remove the litter that comes with them before depositing them in the trash.

  4. If you are burdened with the cost of store-bought cat litter boxes, especially when you have multiple cats, use white sand or refined gravel that are normally used in construction sites. Since they are a lot cheaper than commercial cat litters, you can afford to replace used litter frequently with fresh ones avoiding foul odors from cat feces and urine.

  5. Wash the cat litter box thoroughly with soap and water before getting ready to refill it with the new litter. It is best to have a spare litter box so that you can use the other one first when the initial litter box is being left in the sunny part of your yard to dry.

  6. You can also buy separately a non-toxic substance for odor control that you can mix in with any kind of litter you purchase. However, if you are diligent enough to do the frequent cleaning, litter replacement, and elimination of cat waste, this will not be necessary anymore.

There’s no big deal on how to make a cat litter box. You don’t even have to go through the hassles of cutting, reshaping, or decorating plastic containers to improvise one because it is easy to find the right litter box or its alternative from the distributors of plastic containers. They come in different sizes, shapes, styles, and durability. So just grab what you need and go home to your cats complete with the ready materials for their litter box. The plastic container, litter, and scooper will do just fine.


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