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how to make a Christmas centerpiece

how to make a Christmas centerpiece

A home-cooked family dinner is one of the most sought after events during the holidays. It is indeed a time to bring family and friends closer amidst the busy schedule of everyday life. When preparing the holiday feast, it is about the whole package. You prepare good food, good company, good music and good ambiance. One of the things that catches our attention, besides the food of course, is the centerpiece. It adds a festive mood while everyone gathers around to enjoy the feast. Making one won’t be additional work because, if you know how to make a Christmas centerpiece, it is actually very simple to do. There are definitely plenty of ideas for how to make a Christmas centerpiece. You don’t have to buy a ready-made one. You can put together Christmas items to make it into your very own centerpiece.

  1. If you have beautiful candle holders at home, you can use this as a foundation for your centerpiece. First, clean it thoroughly until its all shiny and new looking. Buy dripless candles to fit the holders. Choose the appropriate number of candles depending on the size of the table but keep the number odd; 3, 5 and 7.

    ecorate the candle holder by tying a sheer wired ribbon.

  2. Using the same candle holder, you can opt to use Christmas balls and, if the big Christmas balls will hold steady in the holes of the candle holder, place them on top instead of the candles. To make it more beautiful, use shiny red balls with glittery designs. Add a few small balls all around the base of the candle holder.

  3. If you don’t have a candle holder, you can use big round candles that can stand together. Remember to use the dripless kind. You can buy a couple of these of different heights. Arrange them directly on the table or place them in a tray. Place some gold pine cones, some greens and red poinsettias around the candles. If your theme is based more on silver, you can use silver balls beads for a distinctly elegant look.

  4. You can also make a flower centerpiece such as roses in a tall vase. Place some pine cones in the arrangement too, and place tea light all around the table with small Christmas balls. If you are using a short vase, arrange the flowers in a manner so that it will look like a wreath, only laying down. Place a candle in the middle for a more Christmassy effect.

  5. If you have spare Christmas wreath, lay it down on the table and decorate it with ribbons, pine cones and Christmas balls. Place a big round candle at the middle.  Depending on the theme of your decorations, you can choose appropriate colors to match everything else.

  6. If you have a beautiful two- or three-tiered fruit tray or sweet tray, you can use this to make your centerpiece. You can fill it with assorted Christmas cupcakes or a variety of fruits.  This will serve as a dessert tray after the feast as well as a beautiful centerpiece. Simply decorate it with a few Christmas ornaments such as ribbons or small Christmas balls.

  7. Using the same fruit tray, you can also place beautiful Christmas ornaments like beads, bells and balls of different sizes and designs. You can use extra-large balls with pretty designs and mix it all together with other, smaller sizes.  Another idea is to decorate it with small Christmas gifts that are beautifully wrapped complete with ribbons.  Fill it up so that it looks really festive.

Making beautiful centerpieces is just a matter of putting various kinds of Christmas ornaments together. Just match the colors with your table cloth or your house decorations. These tips showing how to make a Christmas centerpiece are just a guide, but in the end you can make whatever you think will look good!


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