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how to make a Christmas list

how to make a Christmas list

It was never a problem making a Christmas list when we were children.  It was more of a problem not knowing where to stop. Adulthood is giving us another frame of mind when thinking about receiving gifts. There are many factors that we must consider not to give additional financial burdens to our loved ones. Here are examples on how to make a Christmas list when you are pressed by people who care for your gift preferences as a budding but budget-conscious individual:

  1. Suggest a gift that you might like to have but will not buy for yourself. Key chains, valets, and cell phone holders are very useful and quite affordable. It’s always a delight receiving this kind of a thing as a gift. People will not think that you are taking advantage of their kindness. It will be up to them to choose the design depending on the price range that they will be able to spend on you.

  2. Request a regular item with added value. Remember receiving some freebies from your dentist after a tooth implant? You’ll really feel that you get more value from the money spent after going through your complimentary dental pack.

    y not ask for an electric toothbrush from that special someone who is close to you personally?

  3. Try what’s new in the market by adding cologne or perfumes to your list. This is a very personal choice. But if you don’t know yet what would suit you best, suggest this to one or more friends who are anxious to give you a gift.

  4. Think of a workout gadget to motivate you in exercising regularly. Make it a point to make use of it until it shows.  Your gift giver will be so proud having some part in keeping your body firm and healthy if not masculine.

  5. Treat yourself with a nice shave every morning by suggesting an electric razor. You may have to replace your old one or perhaps you've never tried one before. Whatever the case is, you’ll be glad with the smooth change.

  6. Go for added luxuries that you don’t want to spend extra money on. Perhaps add to your collection of DVD movies.  These are good entertainment materials during weekends. You can even ask the giver to come around with common friends to watch requested movies in a marathon. It should be fun spending time with friends over drinks and some snacks.

  7. Wish for a cool addition to your wardrobe from generous close relatives like your mother. How about a cool winter jacket or a nice pair of jeans? You will surely love this valuable possession as the climate changes.

  8. Opt for a handyman’s tool box to make your tasks around the house more manageable. It is very manly and useful to have this set right at your very own home. No need to borrow from your neighbors when repairs have to be made. You’ll feel that your independence is much more enhanced.

  9. Support the idea of receiving protective equipment as gifts. Swiss knives are very beneficial to have when anticipating an adventure trip or exploration in the local forest, seaside, or in the countryside. It will make camping more comfortable when you are aided with these tools while opening a can, bottle, or cutting meat and other produce for that barbecue grill.

  10. Welcome the kind thoughts of direct family members for giving you power tools. A drill, jigsaw, or plumbing kit will ease your burdens to maintain your home as the responsible man of the house.

How to make a Christmas list is still fun regardless of how old you are. You just have to think of the small details that will add up to a substantial amount of money!


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