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how to make a Christmas stocking

how to make a Christmas stocking

Hanging Christmas stockings on Christmas Eve is a popular tradition, still done by children up to the present day. Christmas is a day for giving, and this is one of the many ways that it is practiced. In the past, as a tradition that was practiced in many European countries, children would just use any sock or stocking that they had. However, today, you can decide how to make a Christmas stocking in many ways, making it more decorative and personal. It can also be used as a piece of decoration by home owners everywhere. Basically, a Christmas stocking is just any sock or any sock-shaped bag. Children usually hang them beside the chimney or anywhere somewhere where it can be easily found, because they believe that Santa Claus will sneak in, in the middle of the night, and fill all the socks with goodies like candies, toys, fruits, coins and much more. According to some Christmas stories, it is believed that only those who have been good that year will receive gifts from Santa Claus, which is why children try their very best to be on their best behavior, especially when Christmas day is fast approaching.

As the tradition evolved, so did the appearance of the Christmas stockings. There are plenty of ways to make them. Yet, I will still give you the basic steps on how to make one. In time, you will be able to add your own techniques and designs. Here are the steps:

  1. Just as with any other arts and crafts project, the first thing to do is to gather everything you need. For this particular Christmas stocking, you will need a stocking pattern or template (an old stocking also can be used), cardboard, pins, shears, fabric marking pens, fabric of your choice, thread, a needle (or you can use a sewing machine), an iron, pencils and a ruler. You might need other materials along the way, so just make sure to be ready to get them.

  2. The template can be made by you or you can trace it from an old stocking that you already have. Another way to get a pattern is to download it from the internet. You can make it as big or small as you want. Make sure that the pattern or template is on cardboard so that you can trace it onto the fabric.

  3. When drawing the pattern on the fabric, trace at least a half inch from the edges to give yourself a half-inch seam allowance, which you will need later on. Trace the pattern using a fabric marking pen.

  4. Now, lay the fabric of your choice on a flat surface. Fold it in half (right sides together) and make sure that there is enough fabric to cover the template with hem allowance. Pin both the sheets of fabric to the template (to act as your guide) to hold it in place.

  5. Use fabric shears to cut the fabric along the marked lines. You must make sure that you cut through both layers of fabric.

  6. Now put both pieces of fabric on top of each other, with both pieces inside out and making sure that all the edges meet. Pin along all sides, leaving the half inch seam allowance.

  7. Sew all the sides using a sewing machine, or if you prefer, sew it yourself, using a whipstitch technique to secure it properly.

  8. After sewing all the sides, turn the stocking right side out. Check to see whether there are any gaps in the sewing. If there are, simply turn it inside out again and start sewing.

  9. Iron, to give a cleaner look to all of the edges.

  10. If you want to add decorations and designs, you can either secure them with a glue stick or just sew them in place.

Ten simple “how to make a Christmas stocking” steps is all you need to have it ready to be stuffed with candies and toys!


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