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how to make a Christmas tree bow

how to make a Christmas tree bow

Bow toppers signal the aura of celebration. You can find them on top of gift boxes, little girls’ heads during birthdays, and of course on top of Christmas trees. If you have a problem in bow making, these guidelines should help you learn how to make a Christmas tree bow. Ribbons were a fad in Europe since the 16th century. They come in various materials, but quite a few have made it to the international fashion scene. Velvet ribbon becomes the most popular Christmas tree topper bow.  It is available in many colors and patterns. There are ribbons that can be designed to withstand the weather extremities outdoors. Most of them are water resistant. There are also such things as paper or tissue paper ribbons for indoor use. Just be practical with your choices. Create your Christmas tree bow by following these instructions:

  1. Be ready with the basic supplies like your choice of ribbon, scissors, and floral wire. Separate four yards of ribbon from the main roll by cutting it. This is to make your folding and twisting more comfortable when the heavy and bulky roller will be detached.


  2. Clear the flat surface of the working area. Make sure that it is clean. You can cover it with a piece of paper or table cloth to be sure. Form a zigzag pattern using the ribbon and press it onto the working table to make three 18-inch loops and one 13-inch loop. Cut the first and second tails. The tails must be four inches long.

  3. Tighten the center of the zigzag pattern by temporarily pinching it using your fingers. Balance the left side with the right side to get the center of the gathered ribbon before pinching tightly to leave a mark. You will need this as your reference when preparing the wire.

  4. Fold the wire around the center and twist securely at the back. Leave enough wire to serve as a hook when hanging the ribbon onto the Christmas tree. Cut the wire if it is too obvious because of its extra length. Whatever you do, just don’t let bare wires ruin your bow. Hide, cut, or wrap them if you can.

  5. Pull the tails downward as they lay flat on the surface. Fold a small loop to the middle to cover the wiring. Fluff the loops with your fingers to get some volume. Make sure that each loop does not have even minor defects. These will easily ruin the elegance of the whole Christmas tree. Damage can happen anytime in the process when you’re not careful. Make your bow with the utmost care.

  6. Gently arrange the loops to form a perfect round with a little exception for the bit of space located at the top part of the ribbon. You can even extend the gap a little farther to show both equal parts of the ribbon.  Below it also is where the tails are hanging from symbolizing the rays of a star. It should rest magnificently when stable and sway peacefully following a gentle breeze from the wind.

How to make a Christmas tree bow is very simple, but paying attention to the details can affect the overall outcome of your bow topper. If you like glittering bows, secure that desire by purchasing ribbon with shining gold and silver textures.  It will just make it more complicated if you have to upgrade a standard ribbon to achieve the desired look. The bad thing is, there’s no guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the results. So it is strongly advised to be thorough and diligent when searching for the right material.


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