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how to make a Christmas tree topper

how to make a Christmas tree topper

A Christmas tree, however beautifully decorated, is not complete without an eye-catching topper to give it a finished, polished look. A toper is the period at the end of the sentence, the point of the argument, the climax to the story. It generates the magic. Therefore, if you want your Christmas tree to be complete, you need to know how to make a Christmas tree topper. It’s not hard at all. There are many kinds of toppers you can use on a tree, and there are just as many materials to choose from. The choice would depend on the look you’re going for. Your Christmas tree topper must tie up with the theme, motif or color of your tree. It should finish off the whole look, not subtract or detract from it. Give as much careful thought about what to use for a topper as you would for the tree itself. You can make a topper from any of the options below, with minor adjustments according to your decorating scheme.

  1. Bow topper. Use a wire-edged ribbon that matches your color scheme, theme or motif. Make a big bow, with tails twice or three times as long as the width.

    rrange the tails in gentle waves and curls down the tree. Embellish the bow with twigs, sprigs of dried flowers, etc., for a natural or organic look; with lace and beads for a distinctive vintage feel; or with small balls and bells for a traditional holiday flavor. Instead of wire-edged ribbon, you could also use photographer’s film for a picture/scrapbook theme tree, twine or raffia for a country theme, tulle for ballet/dance/girl theme.

  2. Figure topper. You know the traditional figure toppers: angel, Santa Claus, fairy, etc. Since you’re looking to make your own, chances are you don’t want the usual characters. You can use other figures as toppers to make your tree unique and make it personal, customized or something that has special significance to your family. It could be a child’s favorite toy, no matter how dingy – that is, if the owner will agree to part with it for the duration of the holidays. It could be a model action figure, a collector’s item, a Barbie doll dressed up as a character in a play that you performed in or loved. It could be sewn, folded in paper, assembled from recycled materials, crafted or whittled or sculpted or crocheted. If it’s a figure, it will do.

  3. Bouquet topper. There are many occasions throughout the year that is marked with a bouquet. A wedding, the birth of a child, a wedding anniversary, Mother’s day or graduation – if there was a bouquet given, and if it was well preserved, it can be used as a topper. This gives the tree a double significance; not only does it commemorate the love given and received during the year, but it also marks personal and family milestones. Aside from memorable bouquets, a flower bouquet created or bought especially for the tree will work just as well. Flowers make beautiful additions to anything, and if the theme of your décor goes well with a bouquet of flowers on the tree, then by all means, use one.

  4. Unique toppers. This one is limited only by your imagination. It rests on your ability to create beauty from everyday things that may not traditionally be considered Christmas tree topper material. You could use CDs, bird feathers, fishing lures tacked into a wreath, dried anemone or starfish, disco ball, a child’s art project, a championship medal, ribbon or trophy or even an iPad (fastened securely, of course). The sky’s the limit.

These suggestions should provide you with enough inspiration to come up with your own ideas and creations for getting started on how to make a Christmas tree topper. Once you get thinking about it, you will find that there are limitless possibilities that you could do, and not enough Christmases and trees to try them all.


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